[Fanacc/Fancam] 180707 TVXQ for the TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome in Hong Kong

TVXQ has successfully finished the TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome in Hong Kong! It was held at 7PM local time at ASIA WORLD EXPO – ARENA. The concert started at 7:05pm and ended 9:45pm [cr: @anywhere4you]

They have performed the same songs set list as their Seoul concerts back in May, except that they did not perform Dream.

[cr: @Bewith_TVXQ]



-VCR 1-
01. Bounce
02. Something
03. 너는 내꺼 (Top of the world)
– MC 1 (Greeting)-
04. The way U are
05. Love Line
06. Sun & Rain
-VCR 2-
07. Puzzle – Yunho Solo
08. 운명 (The Chance of Love)
09. Spellbound
10. 다 지나간다 (Broken)
11. Before U go
-MC 2-
12. 게으름뱅이 (Lazybones)
13. Mideoyo (I Believe)
14. 새벽공기 (Without you)
-VCR 3-
15. Closer – Changmin Solo
16. Vertigo
17. Mirotic
-VCR 4-
18. Wake me up
19. Hug
20. Balloons
(No Dream)
-VCR 5-
21. Maximum
22. B.U.T.
23. Why? (Keep your head down)
-MC 3-
24. Rising Sun
25. Hiyaya
26. Somebody to Love
-MC 4-
27. You’re my melody
-MC 5 (Ending)-




Translated by @clefaire:

  • When they were at the center stage during STL, (Yunho) wasn’t sure at what time they should moving. He looked at Changmin like (´・д・`) after Chami gave him an okay nod, he started moving assuredly. Too cute. 😂 [cr: @zunna0220]




  • Something

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[VID] 180707 Our Hard Working TVXQ! Rehearsing their Dances Separately While Waiting at the Airports!

Despite being 15 years seniors, our hard working TVXQ who don’t stop thinking about their performances even while they wait at the airport individually! Yunho and Changmin never fail to us so proud~ ㅠㅠ


A Dunia director shared a video of our passionate Yunho yesterday (180706) focusing on dancing (featuring Don Spike) while waiting for his delayed flight to Hong Kong.


[cr: Dunia Director Kwon Sungmin (eleutheria5): here, via @iruka0206]


In a different place, a fan filmed video of Changmin yesterday chatting with papa bear at Hong Kong airport showed him at the beginning practising some dance moves, as well~ Continue reading

[Fancam/Fanacc] 180630 Yunho at Son Hojun (and Yoo Yeonseok)’s 4th Funation Project “Coffee Friends”~

Yunho went to support Hojun and Actor Yoo Yeonseok’s joint monthly charity funation (fun+donation) project “Coffee Friends” (read about it here)! Yunho even wrote the menu board > w <


Below are videos and fanaccounts!


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[PIC/VID] 180623 TVXQ! Attended a Wedding and Changmin Sang “Can I Love You?” by Yurisangja~

TVXQ’s first public spotting together after Changmin’s Italy trip and Yunho’s reservist training was at the wedding of Kang Han Eol, the staff who edited Changmin’s military hair shave video [cr: via @MAXmingshun]! He was one of the people who bid Changmin (and Yunho) goodbye when Changmin enlisted~

The boys looked handsome dressed in suits, and it looks like Changmin performed “Can I Love You?” by Yurisangja at the wedding~ ^^

Below are some photos and videos shared by the guests!




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