[INFO] 180112 Oricon Monthly Single Chart (for December): No.6 東方神起 Reboot with 140k Copies~

東方神起 Single Reboot came 6th in Oricon monthly single chart for December with 140,559 copies~ ^^

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[INFO] 171223 東方神起 Entering Top 30 of Oricon Annual CD Album Ranking for 2017 with FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~

Oricon Annual CD Album Ranking for 2017 was revealed, with Tohoshinki’s collection album “FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~” entering top 30, and apparently topping male overseas artists~ ^^


  • Music Albums:

No. 26 “FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~” 

The total number of copies wasn’t revealed, but we know from October and November’s charts that it is above 154k copies~


{p/n: because the chart is counting sales from 2016/12/12~2017/12/10, while Reboot was released on 12/20, it will not appearing in this year’s chart}




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