[INFO] 170925 @TVXQ! Tops K-POP Artistes Singles Sales on Japan’s Oricon Chart~


TVXQ as No.1 KPOP artistes on Japan’s Oricon chart – selling 4,378,000 copies for their 43 singles.

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[Trans] 161006 “Enlisted TVXQ!, No.1 on Oricon Despite Hiatus”, on Naver Main~


Though TVXQ’s unchanging power, they have occupied #1 on Oricon chart. According to the Oricon chart which was announced on the 5th; TVXQ’s remixed album, ‘Two Of US’, which was released that day, rose to #1 on the daily chart. ‘Two Of Us’ is an album that is a collection of previously-released songs that have been remixed.

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[INFO] 160109 TVXQ! Tops Oricon’s Yearly Music Ranking for Kpop Artists Over the Last 6 Years (2010~2015)

Oricon’s accumulated annual sales chart over the period from 2010 to 2015 for kpop artists shows TVXQ!/Tohoshinki at the top with 24,535 million yen!


They are still the top even if you count their accumulated annual sales from when they came back as duo, too (2011~).





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[Trans] 151229 With 2.89 Billion Yen, TVXQ Enters the Top 10 of ORICON’s 2015 Total Artiste Sales Ranking and More~





10th on Oricon overall… Reconfirming K-pop’s status


With the achievement of their significant results in Japan in 2015, TVXQ (known in Japan as Tohoshinki 東方神起), have reconfirmed their position as the top kpop singers there. The recent various year-end computed material and indicators have substantiated this.

From Japan’s Oricon’s overall yearly record sales for 2015 (singles-albums-musicDVDs-blu-ray added), TVXQ recorded 2.89 billion yen (about 28 billion won) (in sales). They occupied 10th place following Arashi who was 1st with 14.33 billion yen (138.4 billion won) and others. However, they were the highest placed for Korean singers.

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[INFO] 151228 Tohoshinki Also Topped 2015 Monthly ODS Live Viewing Ranking for April and June

2015 Monthly ODS Ranking: Live Viewing


  • APRIL: 1st 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2015 ~WITH~ Live Viewing (on 4/2) at 45 cinemas



  • JUNE: 1st TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY – &..! Live Viewing (on 6/14) at 78 cinemas Continue reading

[Partial Trans] 151226 TVXQ, Welcomes their 12th Anniversary During Enlistment on 12/26


[News Extract]

TVXQ made exceptional records even during their hiatus in 2015