[Non-fanacc] 170418 On TVXQ’s Impactful Presence in SMTown Stages~

A Japanese fan of another SM group shared her thoughts on TVXQ/Tohoshinki and their presence in SMTown stages, and the impact of their absence in the 2016 SMTown concerts



In addition to SHINee’s colour, there is another team’s colour that gives me goosebumps. That is TVXQ’s red, it is really dangerous. I don’t even feel upset as I feel, “Ah, this isn’t something that I can win”. With TVXQ as our seniors, the me who is a Shawol feels proud (laughs). TVXQ is SM’s treasure. Great (group). During SMT, though I Continue reading

[Fanacc] 160716~17 Tohoshinki were Mentioned by Label-mates in SMTown Live Tour V in Japan at Osaka Dome

Unlike every year, this SMTown Japan is the first without Tohoshinki or any of its members. Their absence was greatly felt by not just the fans, but also their label-mates. Nevertheless, they managed to deliver their feelings and even funny remarks to the venue by their label-mates as fan reported on both first days of SMTown Live Tour V in Japan at Osaka Dome:


First Day Fanaccounts (160716):


東方神起 Yunho’s “Champange” and Changmin’s “Rise as One” were heard playing before the concert started, in addition to TILL concert video ad as well [cr: @anywhere4you, @KeepSmilingTVXQ and @fuucim1029 respectively, in English via @snxy: 1, 2 and 3]




Minho: “Though it’s lonely without 東方神起 senpai today, but I think everyone Continue reading

[VID/Trans] 160516 SHINee Mentioned Tohoshinki on their LINE Live Special

SHINee mentioned 東方神起 on SHINee Line Live Special~



Q: Japanese songs that you like?
Minho: As for me, it’s a song from my senior of the same company, “We Are!” by 東方神起, I love it.
Key: One Piece’s! Continue reading

[VID/Trans] New Videos of Changmin’s “Boys’ Day” Backstage and Yunho’s Feelings about TVXQ from 「SMTOWN THE STAGE―Japan Original Version―」DVD



Excerpt from the DVD of Yunho’s Interview for the Movie:


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Q: What does TVXQ mean to you?

Yunho: Home. A home that I can return to. Even as time passes, it is a home that I can rest at. Yes. Hence, even as I do individual activities as Jung Yunho, or even as U-Know Yunho, through TVXQ, I can go Continue reading