[INFO/Trans] 170518 SM Confirms Yunho Solo Stage for the Upcoming SMTown Concert in Seoul 170708

SM twitter account confirms that U-Know of TVXQ! to perform his solo stage for SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in SEOUL on 2017.07.08 6PM (KST) at Seoul World Cup Stadium

Through news articles as well~


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[INFO] 160912 New TVXQ! HELiOPHiLiA! Photobook to be Released with a Making Video on Sep 29 + Exhibition to be held on Sep 21!!!

Looks like we will finally get to see the Thai Photoshoot from about two years ago!! It will be released on Sep 29 and there’ll be a making video and letters from the members, too!! In addition, an exhibition for it will be held on Sep 21~

Its title is HELioPHiLia! which means “(n.) an attraction or adaptation to sunlight, as the sunflower” [cr: The Free Dictionary] and as quoted in many designs all over the internet it is a ” (n.) desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight.”

Check out below official post and details on the product:


 Vyrl Post by TVXQ! Official Account:

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[PIC] New SUM Goods for TVXQ!: Strawberry U-Know, Peach MAX, Wet Tissues and More!

There’s been a continuous stream of new products at SUM for TVXQ fans that we haven’t posted about for months, so we will posting here some of them with their prices :D~
You have to especially check out the strawberry and peach addition to TVXQ themed products (*o > w <)o!!!

For those who are new or just not sure what we are talking about: TVXQ fans have always associated Yunho with strawberries probably for how often he says he likes them, and Changmin with peaches since he acted as the spy named momo (which also means peach in Japanese) in his Japanese movie back in 2012. Now you can say SM has just made this fan-made symbolism official by releasing them as wappens and pins with the boys names on them~




 1. Pin Badges (Price: 6,900₩ each*)


  • U-Know Strawberry and Max Peach, as milk/juice cartons, WITH, Champagne, and Time Works Wonders

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[PIC] 160415 Check out Some of the Gorgeous Unreleased Photos at TVXQ! ‘TI AMO’ EXHIBITION in SMTOWN@coexartium 6F

From 4/15(Fri)~6/6(Mon), TVXQ! ‘TI AMO’ EXHIBITION will be held in SMTOWN@coexartium 6F, Go check it up close if you can~

With the spring breeze, enjoy the Special #Exhibition of #TVXQ!’s memory in Italy!

Take memorable photos of yourself, and try Stamp Rally to win Special ‘TI AMO’ postcard.

cr: TVXQ! Vyrl


Here are some photos fan taken of the exhibition and scans of the postcards they received~

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