[Birthday Project] 2016: “Send them your L♥ve”

EDIT: Messages Submission is closed! Many Thanks to everyone who has participated!

EDIT 2: You can check Yunho’s and Changmin’s cards here and here~


Hello dear TVXQ! Express readers,

January is about to end, and guess what will come right after?! Yup, it’s February the month of love, and the month of our precious duo’s birthdays, with Yunho’s on the 6th and Changmin’s on the 18th~ (*o > w <)/ ♥♥


We are super late to arrange a proper project, only half a month away from Yunho’s birthday, yet we still want to do something for the boys who are working hard at the moment to perform their duties to their country as diligently as they always do. We want to send them our good wishes on their upcoming birthdays, and to tell them that WE ARE HERE for them, waiting for them as we work hard in our lives as well~


So the project is going to be a simple one, and has been carried out by many fans since the boys enlisted: we will send them letters!!

or more specifically, we will collect your birthday messages, print them and arrange them in a single cute birthday card and send one to Yunho and one to Changmin to arrive at their birthdays on time, hopefully!


So dear ones, if you would like to join us, please do! Show TVXQ’s your love and care even if it was a simple “Happy Birthday!”
We are sure they will feel loved and happy when they see so many of their fans wishing them well, right~?!




 How to participate:


  1. Send your birthday message to our email TVXQExpress@gmail.com. It should have the following title:
    [Birthday Project 2016] Yunho/Changmin – (your name/nickname ,  country,  your age)
    *the age is optional.
  2. Message word limit: 100 words at maximum.
  3. Accepted Language: Korean, Japanese and English (We suggest you avoid using complicated words so the boys could understand them easily)
  4. As said above, we will send two individual cards, one for Yunho and one for Changmin. That’s why we would like you to specify in your email title to whom your message is. If you want to send a message to both of them then send us two separate emails one for Yunho and one for Changmin.
  5. This is a birthday card, so please make the contents positive and cheerful! Let’s charge their batteries with positive energy~




  • Yunho’s Birthday Card: 2016/01/25, at 12:00 AM KST (just a week, we are terribly sorry for the short notice ; A ; ) CLOSED | SENT!
  • Changmin’s Birthday Card: 2016/02/07, at 12:00 AM KST CLOSED| SENT!



Let’s shower the boys with too many L♥ve confess…rrr happy birthday cards!! :DD



Best Regards,

TVXQ! Express

We are T!


If you have any questions, suggestions please feel free to contact us via our email TVXQExpress@gmail.com