[TVXQ!Express] August 21st is Marking Another Restart for the Kings! #WelcomeBackTVXQ!!



On this day, seven years ago,

Yunho and Changmin stood firmly on the 2010 SMTown in Seoul stage.
Nervous and worried, yet presented an outstanding and memorable stage.
A stage that marked the restart of TVXQ! after its hiatus.

A restart that made fantasies into realities, and led TVXQ! to even larger venues and stages.
Breaking new records, experimentingwith new music, and stealing a lot of hearts (:P).
All while keeping their rookie mindset and serious attitude toward their work.

Seven years, of which they deducted the minimum time possible to fulfil their duties to their country,
then return to TVXQ asap.

Today, they are restarting the TVXQ train again.

A restart that we believe will be just as awesome, or even more, as the one they made in 2010.
A restart that will show us a more mature and more experienced TVXQ!

Thank you so much Yunho and Changmin for giving us so much joy and pride.
Thank you so much for coming back again.
We can’t wait to hear your plans today!

People come and go, life gets hectic sometimes and we are surprised we made it to a 3rd year ourselves despite being understaffed.

We don’t know how long you two wish to keep the TVXQ engine firing.
However, we promise to do our best to stay abroad, whether here as TVXQ! Express, or on our own~
We will support your journey as long as you wish to share it with us!
Never change but to the best!

Keep going Yunho, keep going Changmin.

We wish you all the best TVXQ!





We are T!

TVXQ! Express


p.s. please consider joining our team to help TVXQ! Express be better and faster~ ;D (for more click here)

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