[TVXQ! Express] You are WANTED!!

You are WANTED!!

Please hop on and join us on TVXQ! Express, have fun and make it the fastest and the most enjoyable cart on the amazing TVXQ! train~ 😉

You could check out TVXQ! Express’s JOIN US page for more details~


TVXQ! Express - Wanted Banner


As said on our About us page, TVXQ! Express is understaffed even more than it first started, with almost all initial members on full-hiatus or quitting due to different circumstances. We have had many projects put on hold in order to catch up with TVXQ’s daily updates! Even so, we are still VERY far away from reaching the desired speed and relative quantity for our daily posts.

Although TVXQ has entered its two years hiatus by Yunho’s enlistment, and Changmin’s upcoming one, and although their news are naturally becoming less than before, we still find it hard to put up immediate updates on the website, and catch up on old or new subbing works and such.

Actually, we want to be even more active in this important stage of TVXQ’s life, to show them our unchanging support, and to introduce more people to TVXQ and their wonders so we give them a GREAT welcome when they comeback~ (*/ > w <)/


So we would really love to have you guys join us and make our TVXQ Express run on time~!


Many thanks to all support and love,


We are T!

TVXQ! Express


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