[Fancam/Fanacc] 160620 Changmin’s Performance with SMPA Promotions Unit for the Government 3.0 Public Experience Zone

Changmin with the SMPA Promotions Unit had a spectacular performance for (the 2nd day) of the Government 3.0 Public Experience Zone at COEX C Hall in Seoul. Changmin participated in the unit’s nanta (drums) show, Super Junior’s Oppa Oppa, Rokkugo, Donghae’s Michael Jackson Show, and sang alone Lee Juck’s “Run Across The Sky”. Check out all these awesome videos the news and fans shared ^^*~





[cr: ultratvxq | @UltraTVXQ]


[cr: Miyeon OvO]



[cr: かなみん]

[cr: 2for1 T@2for1T]



[cr: TVXQVN8688]


[cr: max ㅈㅈㄹ]


[cr: 포커스뉴스]



[cr: Daegil yoo]


[cr: cm s | @DEAR_PEACH_DEER]



[cr: 땡칠이 072]



Fanaccounts via/ Translated by @snxy:

  • Re: changmin’s event today – there is a line at the East Gate already ~ [cr: @wert241]
  • it’s not just our fans.. there sj’s plus the ambassador for the event ji chang wook will have a fansign so his fans too..
  • Changmin’s already there – confidently went in through the front entrance ~ (abt an hr ago) [cr: @wert241]
  • As the stage area is narrow (it is an exhibition hall after all), it is alr very crowded; even standing. Alr 500ppl + over the seating limit
  • for the police perf frm 2-3pm: magic show, nanta (drums), song & dance [cr: @withmoi]
  • Inside the venue now (12.42pm KST)

    [cr: @mj81208]
  • it is rehearsal now so broadcast has been paused. Will be resumed later [cr: @canyouheartvxq]
  • Changmin during rehearsal~

  • changmin getting all shy and trying to shush fans when they start cheering his name ww

  • changmin shyly coming up the stairs as he’s being introduced – even just watching him, we feel shy too





Translated by @joeylfy:

  • Changmin who was embarrassed and went into hiding backstage before the performance [cr: @Ikuko0606]
  • When the crowd was chanting for “Shim Changmin~”, he got embarrassed and went “Shhhh~~☝🏼️” at the crowd [cr: @1120izu_mi]
  • Problem with cart when they were suppose to move the drums, but Changmin who deals with it calmly [cr: @1120izu_mi]
  • Considerate Changmin who crouches a little to listen to his comrades. Problem of tower-shinki

  • Changmin, Run Across the Sky
    “- Today, you’re invited to such meaningful event..
    – eh? The music turned softer..
    – To those of you who know this song, lets sing together alright~ “








As we indicated above,
please note that some of these sources do not accept sharing but from only-TVXQ fans. No ex-members fans, so please respect their wishes.
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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