[Fanacc] 170218 Kyuhyun on Calling Changmin on his Break and Wishing him a Happy Birthday~

In the first day of his concerts in Ishikawa, Japan, Kyuhyun talked about him calling Changmin who was on a break today to wish him a happy birthday~

There’s another celebration today. It’s the birthday of my enlisted friend. I sent my wishes to my friend as I called him precisely at 12 am when I was at my Continue reading

[PIC/Trans] 170218 For Changmin’s Birthday, Event for a Special BD Card and Discounts at SUM Artium Store Announced~


Similar to Yunho’s, for Changmin’s birthday, SUM Store events were announced:

  1.  Spend above 10,000₩ on Changmin-related goods and get his written message!
  2. 20% discount on TVXQ large-size prints (SMTown@CoexArtium 5th Floor)

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[Trans] 170211 TVXQ: One After another, Whether Enlisting or Discharging; Minimising their Hiatus~


★TVXQ: One after another, whether enlisting or discharging

TVXQ members, Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho will be discharging from military service, one after another this year. In July, 2015, U-Know Yunho was deployed to the 26th Mechanised Infantry Division’s Army Band, getting selected as Special Class Soldier last May, receiving acknowledgement of his fitness and abilities. As expected, Continue reading