[PIC] 171022 BTS Photos of Tohoshinki for JP Magazine 『anan』Photoshoot (10/25 Issue 2017, Released 171018)~



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[INFO/PIC] 171021 Tohoshinki Train Wrapping of Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ for Yamanote Line (10/14~ 11/14)

Official information on the ad permission for Avex’s Tohoshinki train wrapping ofr Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~  for Yamanote Line (2017/10/14~
2017/11/14)! It seems like newer photos will be used as well, not just the covers!

Remember to order your own album~

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[VID] 171021 Check out Tohoshinki’s Yunho’s Comment!!【Hanryu Pia】(November Issue 2017 Release on 171021)

Yunho’s comment for JP magazine “Hanryu Pia”! You can see him holding a previous issue of Monthly SKY PerfecTV! featuring Tohoshinki on its cover~ ^^
Remember to order your own copy at Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well), or at other online stores such as CD Japan.


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[VID] 171022 Tohoshinki’s Why? as No.23 and Yunho’s Drop as No.26 for CDTV Original Ranking~

Tohoshinki’s Why? Keep Your Head Down and Yunho’s Drop appeared in CDTV’s original (Weekly) ranking as No.23 and No.26, respectively!


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[VID] 171021 Tohoshinki on Nippon TV’s “Buzz Rhythm 02” for its “Quiz! Music Video King” Segment with Why? KYHD

Tohoshinki on Nippon TV’s “Buzz Rhythm 02” for its “Quiz! Music Video King” segment with Why? Keep Your Head Down. The question asked was to count how many people in the MV were wearing gloves on one hand only~


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[INFO] 171020 Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ 2nd on Yamano Music Store Pre-order Weekly Chart~

Tohoshinki’s Japanese album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ as No.2 on Yamano Music Store Pre-order Chart for week 10/18! previous week (10/11) it was third.
On top comes Namie Amuro’s retirement best album.

  • 10/18

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[TVXQ! SNS/From Star] 171020 TVXQ’s Handwritten Letters to Each Other and Fans (YouR PresenT)

Official website uploaded scans of TVXQ’s letters to each other (①) and to the fans (②), that they have read out at the YouR PresenT Live in Seoul!
You can find translation of Yunho’s letter to Changmin: here.


[ YouR PresenT – From. U-Know ① ]

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