[INFO] 160912 New TVXQ! HELiOPHiLiA! Photobook to be Released with a Making Video on Sep 29 + Exhibition to be held on Sep 21!!!

Looks like we will finally get to see the Thai Photoshoot from about two years ago!! It will be released on Sep 29 and there’ll be a making video and letters from the members, too!! In addition, an exhibition for it will be held on Sep 21~

Its title is HELioPHiLia! which means “(n.) an attraction or adaptation to sunlight, as the sunflower” [cr: The Free Dictionary] and as quoted in many designs all over the internet it is a ” (n.) desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight.”

Check out below official post and details on the product:


 Vyrl Post by TVXQ! Official Account:


#TVXQ! to release special #photobook ‘#HELiOPHiLiA!’ on Sep 29

Now available for preorder through both online and offline

#Exhibition to be held at #SUM stores of SMTOWN @ coexartium and Lotte Young Plaza in Myeong-dong starting on Sep 21


[cr: TVXQ! on vyrl]


Details on the product:

  • 304p Photobook
  • Making DVD (about 30min.)
  • Member Autograph Letter (U-Know, MAX)
  • Photocard (U-Know, MAX)
  • 1 Poster (On Pack)
  • Size : 240 x 320 x 55 mm
  • DVD Regional Code: ALL
  • No Subtitles

Price on korean websites is 52,000 won, may vary a little bit on others.

It is $51.15 in ktown4u (DVDHeaven).

[cr: ktown4u (DVDHeaven previously)]

The japanese release to come with Japanese subtitles but will be released a little bit later [cr: Tohoshinki Official Website]


Check out the preview photos:





Here is a translation of what fans managed to pick out of the members letters preview up there:


  • In Yunho’s letter, can be seen: “with our changmin, we went to koh samui in thailand..”
  • Changmin’s: “yunho hyung..”

[cr: @iruka0206, Translated by @snxy]



The excited Korean Cassiopeia managed to get Koh Samui trending 2nd on twitter haha

[cr: @0206yhken via @snxy]






As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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