[VID] 181119 TVXQ, JEJUair Honorary Employees~ (181105)

On 181105, TVXQ attended JEJUair “NEW STANDARD DAY” event as they were appointed honorary employees of JEJUair.


also posted on the new facebook page (newjejuair): here and instagram (newjejuair): here, please follow them, like and comment~ ^^

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[PIC] 181115 Synnara’s Mini Banner Bonus Image Preview for TVXQ! 2019 Season’s Greeting

TVXQ! 2019 Season’s Greeting pre-orders were opened on 10/31 on different online stores with different extra gifts. You can order it via online stores such as : yes24, 11st, Ktown4u, synnara via gmarket etc (please check for prices and special store gifts)

synnara has just revealed image previews of their mini banner bonus *_*

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