[Trans] 170108 Sweet Personalised Replies from TVXQ! to the Lucky Winners of the TVXQ! 13th Anniversary Event: From Me to You

Below are TVXQ’s personally written replies to the postcard messages of the winners of the TVXQ! 13th Anniversary Event: From Me to You, held at SUM store in coex atrium 2-11 December 2016.


  • Yunho’s Reply Message to a Winner:

[cr: @7xcqdh]



First of all, thank you so much for partaking in our happiness on our 13th Continue reading

[Trans] 170102 TVXQ to Release a New Album and Comeback After They are Discharged this Year~


TVXQ to release a new album and comeback after discharge



Firstly, U-Know Yunho who enlisted last 2015 will be discharged this coming April. In basic training, U-Know Yunho got chosen as “Best Recruit” which showed his exceptional ability, and  in his current posting as Continue reading

[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 170101 From Star: [TVXQ!] 2017 New Year Greetings


[ 20170101 Special Message – From. U-Know ]



Year of the Fire Rooster~*
The new year of 2017 or the year of “discharge” has arrived!
It seems there will be many very heart-pounding things so already~ I am excited!
As I will not forget the duties of being a soldier until the very end, and will return handsomely~
please just wait a little more and TVXQ! will fly even more.

please receive many New Year “blessings” and be healthy! ^o^*

-U Know-

{t/n: In the lunar calendar 丁 (ding) refers to the Fire “stem” while 酉 (you) is the Rooster animal zodiac. Hence 丁酉年 or 정유년 in Korean}



[ 20170101 Special Message – From. MAX ]

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[Fanacc/PIC] 161230 Yunho and Changmin were Spotted Together at SUM Cafe on a Leave~

Visiting SUM Cafe again, Yunho and Changmin were spotted this time together having a meal at the vip room there this afternoon. Fan only managed to snap a photo of Yunho as he was paying! Seems like both are on a break~ ^^

Photo taken below is Yunho’s only.

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