[Fancam/Fanacc] 161001 SCS Corporal Yunho at the 2016 Ground Forces Festival Eve Concert (Armed Forces Day)

Our Special Class Soldier Corporal Jung Yunho at the 2016 Ground Forces Festival/Gyeryong Military Culture Festival eve concert. He appeared at around 7pm~

He solo covered 서쪽하늘 (West/ern Sky) and sang TVXQ’s Dream! Asked fans who wanted more to wait for when he comes back with Changmin > w <

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Translations and Fanaccount by @snxy:

  • Yunho for 10/2 if there is bad weather, the event will be moved to the auditorium & shuttle buses will be used to ferry ppl. this isn’t the auditorium used for events but the one inside the army compound. [cr: @218206]
    Therefore please note that movement inside army areas may only be possible by authorised shuttle buses [cr: @218206]
  • re: bad weather plans for 10/2 and 10/3 Yunho as uploaded on the official HP

    [cr: Festival Official Website via @218206]
  • lol group of soldiers here heading to gyeryong also from daejeon and they are discussing whose autographs to get and yunho’s name came up  “yah get u-know yunho’s sign; if you see him tell me, i’ll come over rightaway.”
  • Too many people all the way til the back to
  • They just played the MV for The Motherland I Defend

  • Yunho’s banners all along the back ^_^
  • Why is it raining ?!!
  • Citizens got up and fans just swarmed the seats wow omg. Even security got was surprised
  • MC went down to the audience to ask them where they are from. Jpn, china, korea. Asked one who she was here for – U-Know Yunho! /cheers/
  • Just the 3 super junior members so yunho’s gonna have a solo stage later???
  • As expected, Yunho will be the closing act. LSG is out now
  • this is “tvxq’s leader u-know yunho” you can feel his tvxq pride
  • Yunho mentioned “while waiting for Changmin as well” when talking about hw fans had waited a long time ;;; cos we were calling for yunho’s encore so he said tho he wants to sing more, shld wait for changmin, then “with a cooler image”…
  • clip of yunho mentioning waiting for changmin as fans called for the encore

  • ㅜㅜㅜ yunho was really realt handsome today. There were non-fans around and when he came on this girl was like 오모 잘생겼다 omo so handsome
  • A chinese fan shouted yunho and yunho replied in chinese thank you. this was yunho’s expression when he said thank you in chinese (xiexie 谢谢)
  • Before Yunho came on stage, he did the sign of the cross and quietly prayed. The regular Yunho. Beautiful. [cr: @pokueri_0309]
  • fans saying they were all moved /almost moved to tears by yunho’s emotional singing of western sky. and looked rly lovely on stage [cr: @dog_ear_TT ]
  • Pls note the 10/2-3 performances will be moved indoors to the auditorium in the army HQ. As a result, there will be shuttle buses instead frm the Emergency Landing Strip venue, entrance, rd in frt of the main stage- buses will run frm 12-12.15pm ONCE a day. only 15 buses will be available. Pls note as it is within an army area, only army transport will be permitted. [cr: @Uknowtic]






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