[Instagram/TW] 180520 Yesung: “My younger brother, Yun-ho, sent me a car. Cheer up !! #바라보다 #고각웃음 #쁘이 #엄지척 👍🏻 힘난다 #유노윤호 💋”

Yunho sending his photos and selfies~ > w <!!!

From Yesung’s twitter and instagram:


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[Changmin IG] 180517 Changmin Sharing the Newly Revealed Logo of Begin Again in Nissan Stadium! Likes on Yunho’s Latest Post~ ^^

Changmin posting in Japanese the newly-revealed Begin Again Nissan Stadium concert logo!! (it’s been revealed already today through the premium seats app)

Bigeasts pleasantly took a note of how he learned to use the Japanese laughing text “ww” > w <

On another note, yesterday, Changmin left a like on Yunho’s IG post about leaving~ ^^*



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[News-Soompi] 180415 “Melo Holic” Wins Award At 12th International Busan Contents Market

Congratulations~ ^^*

“Melo Holic” Wins Award At 12th International Busan Contents Market

OCN’s drama “Melo Holic” won an award at the 12th International Busan Contents Market!

While “Old Marine Boy” was chosen as the best documentary and JTBC’s web drama “People You May Know” was awarded for best content, “Melo Holic” won for best writer. Continue reading