[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 161226 From Star: [TVXQ!] TVXQ! Debut 13th Anniversary! Thank you^^



[ TVXQ! Debut 13th Anniversary Message ]




To. Cassiopeia~☆

Everyone! It’s finally the 13th anniversary ^o^
Really, for such a long time~ Thank you very much for your unchanging love and support!
It’s so great that everyone has grown so much with TVXQ,
and I have even more anticipation for the future
Next year, we will spend the 14th anniversary together~♫ From Monster U-Know!
– U.Know-






12/26 13th Debut Anniversary
Already, the 26th of Dec 2016 is our “13th anniversary”!!
Even though it is incredible, personally,… nowadays I think “time does goes by”..ㅋ
This 2016, you all were “Q U I T E” bored as our Yunho hyung and I didn’t have activities right?^^
We are really sorry that out Cassi☆peia were bored, though we can’t be together now, through this letter, I can welcome the “13th anniversary” and to our C♡vely ‘ Cassiopeia’ who are always like stars to Yunho hyung and myself, really thank you and I love you♥
In this particularly cold winter and to end the remainder of 2016 well, please be careful not to catch cold! This year too, you have all done a lot and I am really thankful~^-^

P.S. <<Although in actuality, my (international) age is yet to be>>, the last year of my 20s is passing by.. so then if not an ahjussi (older uncle).. an oppa.. or a samchon (like a younger uncle).. just what am I?!?! <<HA>>…

-Changmin of 東方神起-




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Translated by @snxy: here,
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