[Non-Fanacc] 161227 On Changmin’s Proud Father Showing a Student TVXQ’s Recent Songs and More~

This is a compilation of students tweets on Changmin’s father mentioning TVXQ/his son from different times~


From tweets that were shared on 150316 by @Dongcry_97:

“I remembered that my freshman year in highschool,
東方神起 Changmin’s father was my language teacher. Once I sang 東方神起 song to him & he went “They released a new song recently, why that song?” and let me listen to the new song there and then


Shared on 160521 by @dandan_kun:


“It seems that 東方神起 Changmin’s father is a teacher at my friend’s high school it reminds me of my friend who gave him Chocolate Pie as a present during teacher’s day”



Shared on 161122 by @jhlee1005:

“Was wondering if there’s anything that I’m proud of my highschool… Ah! My language teacher was the father of 東方神起 Changmin! He is someone who is really proud of his son. Even before 東方神起 comeback, we already got spoilers of it ww”



Shared on 161227 by @Dontfollowmeiwi:

東方神起 Changmin’s father is a language teacher in my highschool. I have not attended his classes before but I heard that it can get really sleepy in his class. Apparently he has “Changmin’s Tokyo Dome concert” noted on his calendar”





@Dongcry_97@dandan_kun@jhlee1005, and @Dontfollowmeiwi,
KR-JP Translation by @ymamylim: 1, 2, 3, and 4,
JP-EN Translation by @joeylfy: 12, 3 and 4,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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