[VID/Trans] 170304 When Even the Maknae of SM’s Most Junior Group Finds Yunho Cute~

In a KBS World Arabic radio interview with NCT Dream, Jisung, the maknae and the SM rookie who was featured in Yunho’s Champagne, has chosen Yunho as his role model senior from SM. He also called him cute~


Comments from 7:03~7:57:



{t/n: rough trans as I only did what I heard}

Interviewer: Jisung-sshi, is there a senior in SM that you want to be like?
Jisung: A senior that I want to be like.. there are a few seniors that I want to be.. U-Know Yunho.. TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho. While he has charisma, when he’s cute (or has to be cute?ㅋㅋ), he is cute and he sings well. I like how he checks on the juniors..
Interviewer: ah, an the image is a little similar.. you and U-Know-sshi
Jisung (smiling brightly): thank you very much.. really..
Interviewer: yes, you have a powerful dance, (Jisung: thank you very much) good..
Haechan: actually, when he said Yunho sunbaenim was cute, I was really quite shocked
Interviewer: why?
Haechan: well, as U-Know Yunho is such a big sunbaenim
Jisung: when he smiles, he’s really cute
Interviewer: that’s right, his smile is charming, isn’t it? I will be looking forward to you becoming a cool star like U-Know Yunho sunbaenim





KBS World Arabic Radio Youtube Channel (kbsworldarabic),
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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