[Instagram] 180808 Cute Yunho Learning the Baby Shark Dance of Red Velvet’s “Power Up” with them Backstage after their Concert

Yunho learning the baby shark dance from Red Velvet’s new song “Power Up” > w <!

He went to support Red Velvet on the first day of their “REDMARE” concert, which was held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul, and it seems was filmed after the concert~

Check out the video below!


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RV: Yunho oppa!
YH: so cool! As expected from RV! No words needed! I’m a fan really
RV: in that case, please dance to our Power Up!
YH: here?? All of sudden??
RV: if you do that, it will give us some power up!
YH: ok, I will really show you here.

[cr: KR-JP Translated by @iruka0206, JP-EN Translated by @clefaire]





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