[Trans] 180822 Tohoshinki’s Surprise Appearance at Reboot Dance Workshop in Kanazwa High School

On 180821, Tohoshinki made a surprise appearance in a Reboot dance workshop taught by Toho Dancers 50 and SONNY at the Kanagawa Prefectural Kanazwa High School. The workshop, here consisting of 52 high school girls, is part of Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2018, Yokohama’s dance festival held on 8/4~9/30.

Below are translations from the video and the news articles~ ^^



[cr: JIJIPRESS/時事通信芸能動画ニュース]

CM&YH: Good Morning, good morning!YH: Actually, it is me who is really excited (about meeting with female high school students)!

YH: I am not sure whether they all knew about us. I am a bit worried about that.
CM: like..”Wait, who are they?”
YH: Yes, something like that.
CM: When the two of us show up, I hope they will be happy to see us.
CM: I wish to have a joyful time with them.

YH: I am Yunho from Tohoshinki. Actually, I am the real one^^ I am really happy to see you all today. I did not know that you are here just in front of me. We may not be able to spend a lot of time together today but .. I hope you can do your best.
CM: I am Changmin from Tohoshinki. I am so glad that you are happy to see us. I hope to have fun time with you.
MC: Please show them how hard you practiced.
Students: Yeah!!!

YH: I heard that you practiced only for 2 hours. Its amazing!



{t/n: I can’t really get their words from here onwards. Sorry! So here are some bits from online newspapers.}

CM: I feel like that I am back to myself in high school.
YH: They have so much energy! It was perfect!

CM: Thank you so much for dancing to our song. You amazed us with your dance and you made us feel really great!
YH to high school students: Please do not give up on your dreams. I will be waiting for you to dance with us on stage in the future.

[cr: Daily Sports via Yahoo! Japan]



YH: They practiced only for two and half hours. REBOOT is a difficult song to dance and everyone did fantastic! They were full of energy and perfect!
YH gave 80 out of 100 to them and the reason was, “Because they were perfect, scored ace and 20 points deduction is due to us.. coz, we only danced a little.”

CM: Thank you for giving us this opportunity. You gave us a lot of courage and we are deeply touched. You made me feel that I am back to my high school time. I see a lot of smily face and you are all beautiful. I want to see the dance collaboration of Tohoshinki and Cheerleading.

[cr: Sports Hochi via Yahoo! Japan]


YH: They all did great 100/100 but I took 20 points off in total because we could have done more to them.


{p/n: we have inserted the sources we think the translator ha referenced, so please correct us if we got any wrong}



as we indicated above,
Translations by @beriko0214,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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