[INFO] 170207 Bigeast Limited 東方神起「MISSION CARD FROM MEMBER」DVD is Announced (Release on 3/15)


The release of the Bigeast Official Shop limited: 東方神起「MISSION CARD FROM MEMBER」on 2017/3/15 has been announced!

The 45 「MISSION CARD」 videos that has been released via the 「FROM MEMBER」section on Bigeast website will be compiled into a DVD.

<Product Details>

【Bigeast Official Shop Limited】2017.3.15 Release
Price:4,200Yen (tax included)
Product Number:AVB1-79375 POS:498806479375/4

▼Preorder Here
☆Bigeast Official Shop
[PC] http://shop.mu-mo.net/st/fc/BGFC.html
[MB] http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/st/fc/BGFC.html
※Item is Bigeast Official Shop Limited
※Pre-orders start on 2017/2/7 (Tue) 16:00~



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[Twitter] 170110 SOLIDEMO’s Mukaiyama Takeshi Names Tohoshinki as Artists he Wants to Work With

Mukaiyama Takeshi is a vocalist from SOLIDEMO, Tohoshinki’s junior group in avex, and seems to be a big fan of our boys! He linked in a tweet to an article in which he named Tohoshinki, the Gospellers and Backstreet Boys, respectively, as the artistes he wanted to work with the most.

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