[Twitter] 170110 SOLIDEMO’s Mukaiyama Takeshi Names Tohoshinki as Artists he Wants to Work With

Mukaiyama Takeshi is a vocalist from SOLIDEMO, Tohoshinki’s junior group in avex, and seems to be a big fan of our boys! He linked in a tweet to an article in which he named Tohoshinki, the Gospellers and Backstreet Boys, respectively, as the artistes he wanted to work with the most.

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[Trans] 170102 Letters from Yunho and Changmin to Bigeast have Arrived


Letters from Yunho and Changmin to Bigeast have arrived.




To. Bigeast~♫
Happy New Year!
This is Yunho of 東方神起!
Everyone, how are you?
It’s already 2017 right.
I think I will be able to meet everyone this year and I’m really looking forward to it.
I as well, Changmin, as well, have been thinking a lot about all of you Bigeasts.
We would like to return to stage as soon as possible, and spend a good time together with Bigeasts.
It’s still a cold season now right.
Please be careful not to catch a cold.
I am praying everyday for everyone to have a good time!
We will meet very soon!

From Monster (괴물) Yunho





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[Fanacc] 161221 Kushihama Kenji, the Barista from GOLD Mission 35, Talked about his Impression of Tohoshinki~



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[INFO] 161219 The Sale of the 2017 Bigeast Limited Desk Calendar, Diary and Reversible Calendar has been Announced!!

We may not be getting the 2017 season greetings, but luckily Bigeast fanclub official website just announced one~ ♪!

a 2017 Bigeast limited desk calendar, diary and reversible calendar sale to start on  2017/1/31 (Tue)19:00〜

■Bigeast limited 2017 Desk Weekly Calendar 2,600 Yen(Tax included)
A total of 56 pages (including cover page). It starts with April 2017 and ends at March 2018.

■Bigeast limited 2017 Diary Notebook (with sticker) 1,600 Yen(Tax included)
A total of 176 pages (including cover page). It starts with April 2017 and ends at March 2018.
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