[INFO] 180220 The Release of Tohoshinki 2018 2 Way Calendar Announced! Available on mu-mo Overseas Shop!


The Bigeast fanclub official website has just announced the sale of the Tohoshinki 2018 2 way Calendar for 2,900 Yen (Tax included), and it can be used in two ways: as a wall or a desk calendar!
It consists of 27 pages containing off-shoot photos that you don’t see often and TB schedule stickers~

Bigeast members have the benefit of getting an “IC card sticker (with signature)” (All 4 are random)!

※Calendar period:2018/4~2019/3.
※The signatures are printed.
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[VID] 180131 BIGEAST Fanclub – New Series: Tohoshinki’s SHOW ga Nai!#004

The 2nd mission for Bigeast-limited series: “東方神起のSHOWが無いッ!(Tohoshinki’s SHOW ga Nai!)” is starting!

They are cooking their Toho Shin-Shin Ramen!!






Bigeast Official Website,
Video by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express,
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[Trans] 180130 Bigeast Website Update FROM MEMBER: Tohoshinki “Senryuu” #001



Subject: In Senryu, what are your thoughts after the end of 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~BEGIN AGAIN~ Tour

{t/n: Senryu: 3 lines Japanese poem with 17 syllables)}




A successful completion together with Changmin ❤


{p/n: Yunho’s ‘ho’ looks like ‘ki’, again haha}


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[INFO] 180130 Bigeast Monthly Question to End, and Be Replaced with「Tohoshinki ”Senryuu”」Corner!

There was a notice that the Bigeast monthly question corner 「Tell us★Yunho&Changmin」will end, and starting from 2018 January, a new corner titled「Tohoshinki ”Senryuu”」will start instead.

Tohoshinki will be expressing their “Senryuu” (a short form of Japanese poetry), on various topics!

The January one is up already~




Tohoshinki Fanclub Bigeast Official Website,
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[Fanacc] 180127 Cute Stories about Little TVXQ/Tohoshinki Fans; the Future Cassiopeia and Bigeasts~




Shared on 180122:

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[PIC] 171006 TAKEDA BBQ, Tohoshinki’s Sensei from their Gold Mission R, Shared a Photo of their BBQ Set Up~


Back in October the 6th last year, TAKEDA BBQ, whom we just saw on Bigeast Official Fanclub Magazine 2018 WINTER starring as Tohoshinki’s sensei from the new Gold Mission series: Gold Mission R, shared a photo of Tohoshinki’s BBQ set up~

Apparently, they filmed it during that day.

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[INFO] 180123【Bigeast Official Shop Limited】東方神起「THE GOLD MISSION」Release on 2018/2/21 (Wed) Decided!

Bigeast Official Shop limited release of Tohoshinki「THE GOLD MISSION」on 2018/2/21 (Wed) has been decided!

「THE GOLD MISSION」, the 2015-2017 Bigeast website limited series will be released on two DVDs as Volume 1&Volume !


【Bigeast Official Shop Limited】2018.2.21 Release

◆「THE GOLD MISSION -Volume 1-」
Product Code: AVB1-79442~3
POS: 498806479442/3
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[PIC] 180121 Bigeast Staff Report: Dome Tour Final!! and Next Stage Announced♪

The 「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」which started on 11/11 at Sapporo Dome has come to an end, so many thanks to Bigeasts, Toho Staff, Toho dancers and Toho band members, as well as our stars Tohoshinki~ ^^

The journey will resume, however; in a bigger stage with the three days of『東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM』in 2018 June!

You can find photos shared on the report below~

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