[VID] 170922 BIGEAST Fanclub – Tohoshinki THE GOLD MISSION #051


Compilation of Unpublished scenes, part three (last). Let’s anticipate the new mission series!

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[Eng Sub-TVXQ! Express] 170820 FROM MEMBER: To Bigeast From CHANGMIN [Trans by @snxy]

Similar to how we handled the enlistment message: Because of the Official Website’s notice on this video, which is saying that it will keep Changmin’s message for about two weeks, we will put down this post along with all the links after 2017/09/04



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[VID/Trans] 170811 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 4 (FINAL)

Part 4 and the Final! let’s look forward to Changmin’s after his discharge ^^*



T: Well, Changmin..
YH: Yes
T: Changmin will be back pretty soon. I am sure that you two together will have a concert tour. Right? You will be touring, for sure. All of us, Bigeasts, staffs and I are very much looking forward to that!
YH: I am looking foward to that too!
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