[PIC] 181010 Tohoshinki with DJ of FM Fukuoka 「Hyper Night Program GOW!!」(to air 181113 at 16:30 JST)

Tohoshinki have pre-recorded for FM FUKUOKA「Hyper Night Program GOW!!」, to air 11/13 (Tue) at 16:30~20:25

Below is their photo with the DJ shared by the radio channel’s twitter~

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[INFO] 181009 Tohoshinki Interview Comment for FM Fukuoka 「Hyper Night Program GOW!!」on 181113 at 16:30 (JST)

Another radio show next month!

FM FUKUOKA「Hyper Night Program GOW!!」

Time: 11/13 (Tue) at 16:30~20:25

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