[Fanacc] 151128 On Soldier Changmin at the Army Training Center; Peeling Onions and Giving Autographs~


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Recent news (?) about Changmin as communicated by her friend that’s allowed to be shared:

Yesterday, Changmin oppa joined the army cooks as an assistant (?) to peel onions on monday, he’s scheduled to peel onions together with siwon  our oppas peeling onions (in disbelief)!!!




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(Changmin’s) probably the oldest…. Continue reading

[Fanacc] 151127 Changmin Gave his Autograph to a Fellow Batch mate for his Girlfriend




UltraTVXQ came across this while searching- recruit Shim Changmin had given Continue reading

[Non-fanacc] 151127 A Fashion Professor Shares a Cute Story about Changmin During a Class




just now during fashion class, my professor was talking about this and that; when mention of TVXQ came up. Amongst one of their costumes was a coat that s/he had to re-fit. As rough estimations were needed, a photograph of (Changmin) was needed Continue reading

INFO] 151127 Yunho to be Featured in Jenny House’s “J·STYLE MAGAZINE” – Vol.7 for a Hairstyle Pictorial (Release on December)

Yunho to be featured in Jenny House’s “J·STYLE MAGAZINE” – Vol.7 for a hairstyle pictorial. Magazine will be released in this December and available through their website  ( www.jennyhousemall.com ).

This feature could be the same special collaboration Jenny Continue reading

[Trans] 151125 Only Star’s “Quote of the Day” from Changmin’s Drama Interview for the Magazine


Japanese magazine “Only Star” blog:


Quote of the Day


from Changmin’s Scholar Who Walks the Night Interview for the magazine  ( 11/30 Issue 2015), when he was asked whether he will be more nervous as an actor or as a singer:

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