[Fanacc/PIC/Fancam] 151003 Private Yunho as the Main Stage MC for the Ground Forces Festival Day 2


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Today was the 2nd day for Private Yunho as an MC for the main stage for the Ground Forces Festival! Seems like there weren’t any rehearsals for him today.

For the morning event his co-emcee was the lady soldier from yesterday’s afternoon event, and for the afternoon event his co-emcee was his friend Kang Dongho whom we saw yesterday chilling with him backstage~





Fanaccount by @snxy :

  • Wow GFF day 2 , i reached venue at 7am and there’s a queue already. I’m 100+ in line.

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  • They are currently writing numbers on our hands – we are apparently gonna be allowed entry by number ^_____- this isn’t a concert man.
  • Yunho effect at Yongsan station for day 2

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  • We are entering like a group of children .. This is annoying. Admission by number. There are like 200 ppl alr
  • There’s queues in the various entrances to come in; army is controlling the entry by fans. Think they didn’t expect so many to turn up.
  • Fans are angry because this is a public event so who controls who is to enter and where to sit (fans of diff fandoms sitting tog)
  • 2) certain fans are regulating the entry and writing the numbers. So ppl who can’t speak kr esp were confused. We were helping to translate
  • Right side stands are more than half full of fans waiting for Yunho. I saw a fan with a number on her wrist 2xx. Means 200+ ppl.
  • They just announced that from tomorrow entrance will be from 8am and you can enter freely. 내일부터 아침8시에 압장할 수 있다 (기다릴 는 필요없다).
  • Yunho just arrived, with his blue windbreaker and army backpack
  • A lot of people with TVXQ accessories and Yunho banners today should be starting rehearsal soon.
  • Commotion cos yunho spotted at the side. Then e army i/c came over and said take pix of me instead
  • Yunho today :3 same uniform. When he spoke, fans started cooing

  • Yunho saying he’s like a dj wwww saying to pick up rubbish, don’t litter etc etc  fans being obedient and saying yess
  • Yunho asking the Right side to cheer left side to clap. Ofc as we r all on the right, our cheers r loud. He said we did well haha
  • Yunho looked over at us and smiled o-<-<
  • They just announced the opening of the main stage perf. Yunho with his I’m Private Jung Yunho, saluting and 충성!
  • So cute!! Yunho opened his arms to get us to cheer twics. Like encouraging us to raise our voices. he raised a thumbs up cos we did well
  • Seriously pix r lq but yunho is rly handsome evryone is cooing

  • Finally there are water bottles on the podium
  • ㅋㅋㅋ yunho said “everybody” the same time as his female mc and he smiled slightly
  • Yunho saying his heart feels warm as he feels pride in the korean army
  • YUNHO MENTIONED TVXQ YUNHO as talking abt the ppl present(?? – drowned out by screams didn’t hear fully)
  • Yunho was saying there are many soldiers so Fans can find a handsome man here. oppa we are here only for you
  • Asked friends- The mc had mentioned that the special forces was v recognised w a lot of awards, yunho had said tvxq too
  • Lady mc said yunho wld fit being in special forces well so wht abt reenlistment as part of them? Fans: reenlisting not allowed!!
    yunho: as i’m jjst a 2nd private i still have a long way to go. To the lady mc- how abt you enlisting?  well done mc jung
  • Yunho really keeps looking over and smiling at us
  • Dongho and Yunho’s manager here

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  • Lady mc had asked yunho during the intro of the dance segment if he liked the stage. He said he loved it ㅜㅜ
  • of UltraTVXQ’s when awesome mc yunho gestured to increase the volume slightly for ppl on the other side

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  • Yunho said he missed dancing and felt like dancing after the dance segment. We all cheered. He said maybe nxt yr if we come we can see ^^
  • Yunho nodded to the singers who were singing arirang on stage next to him, as they walked off. :3
  • Yunho chatting to his co-emcee while performers are performing and asking ppl to clap

  • Lol chinese wushu segment and yunho left the stage. Fans immediately stood up trying to take pix, totally ignoring the show
  • Fans leaving for the other stage and immediately all the Yunho fans flooding in to fill the empty seats ㅋㅋ
  • Fans refusing to vacate for lunch so we’re all sitting in the sun eating takeaways www
  • www a junior high sch kid was shouting excitedly n jumping saying he had seen yunho’s eyes nose lips everything!!

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