[Fancam/Fanacc] 160602 Corporal Jung Yunho for a Military Band Concert at Suncheon


[cr: @2618yhcm]

About the Performance:

To welcome Memorial Month {t/n: aka Merit Reward Month to raise awareness of patriotism and commemorate the sacrifices of Koreans during the war for independence} in June, about 1,000 citizens, students and so on have been invited to the Suncheon Culture and Arts Center Auditorium for the Army’s Military Band Honour Guard Battalion Invitational Concert.

For the concert on this day, 100 soldiers, under the baton of the army bandmaster, will start with the march of the drumbeat and while playing various symphonies and popular songs; in particular celebrity soldier, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho as well as Suncheon City Male Choir, are scheduled to perform grand and flashy performances.

[cr: Asia News Agency , Translated by @snxy]








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[cr: @2618yhcm]


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Fanaccounts (and live stream) Translated by @snxy:

  • Woo, fans already outside the Suncheon concert venue (not even 1pm and it starts at 7pm >_<) [cr: @uakiy_01t]
  • On the Suncheon concert pamphlet, other than “Special Appearance: U-Know Yunho” no other details of his perf or pix.  acc to the pamphlet, seems yunho would be appearing in the later half of concert (scheduled to end at 8.30pm) [cr: @cmyhtvxq]
  • fan was sitting in the lobby when suddenly Yunho appeared!! Heart-stoppingㅜㅜ so handsomeㅜㅜ he was asking where to go [cr: @12268626_2]
  • From 6pm those without tickets can also ente [cr: @madmong0212]
  • As the tickets are given out by region, (kr hangul alphabetical) so from no 1 it’s front row  [cr: @madmong0212]
  • The Suncheon concert has started ^\^ [cr: @madmong0212]
  • The live stream for Yunho’s Suncheon concert has started~! [cr: @canyouheartvxq]
  • The emcee said ; later “the him” who everyone is waiting for is coming out. [cr: @ourttime]
  • Looks like yunho would be wearing the red jacket + white pants combo again (the army band is wearing that) ww
  • The MC said “the special class soldier” and everyone screamed !!! “Even came out on the news”
  • YUNHO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 he’s asking ppl to cheer. Yunho is out!!!!
  • Yunho said thanks for everyone for coming and to enjoy comfortably. and said everyone r u enjoying urself? R u rdy?
  • The first song is mirotic w slow intro – ppl cheer when yunho raises his hand so ppl r cheering
  • It doesn’t look like Bulmurishinki but 3 other ppl. Yunho: everyone r u rdy? Shall i up the tempo? Tempo upped mirotic fast version now
  • You can see the T lightsticks and red wristband on the live stream www fanchants for Mirotic
  • Yunho did the delayed ending for Mirotic where he stops and asks for audience to clap before they harmonise “under my skin”
  • Yunho is saying he sounds like a radio dj and asked everyone to sleep well tonight 😉
  • Second song is TVXQ’s Dream i think. Cos he’s teaching ppl to raise their hands and pump to “it’s alright”
  • The MC said since (yunho) is SCS, hw abt asking him to do 70 pushups on stage and Yunho said not 70, was 90. ww [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Yunho’s walking to all sides of the stage and involving everyone ;; so fun
  • Ahh it’s TVXQ’s dream lol 🎵🎵💕💕 yunho swaying his hops. Lol he just places his palm against his co-:singer’s and did a cute move
  • It’s a ballad now / Yunho is gonna sing A Little Girl. He asked everyone to wave along
  • Yunho’s hand is around the girl’s shoulder as they are singing omgggggggg he is holding her while they sing tog
  • K she went offstage already and yunho’s going side to side to get the audience to sing ㅜㅜㅜ so envious of that girl
  • It’s over, Yunho and co left the stage already ㅜㅜ that girl is apparently a local high sch student
  • yunho did mirotic & dream & a little girl then during dream, he went offstage & sang. During ALG he pulled a young girl on stage to sing together. during that, his expression was awesome [cr: @madmong0212]
  • yunho came out at the end to take commemorative photos [cr: @madmong0212]
  • Seems the student that went on stage was planned?? Her friends said to her they took pix, she did well..noraebang.. [cr: @ourttime]
  • Wow when the female student sorta jumped to go on the stage, yunho just pulled her up w one hand. Cool [cr: @ourttime]
  • During the phototaking, there were aunties tt went forcefully towards Yunho’s direction He was flusteredㅋㅋso cute [cr: @ourttime]
  • 90 push-ups.. As expected from a special class soldier.. Correcting the Not 70 but 90 www so cute [cr: @tvxqwelt]

  • Right until the end 1. yunho bowed 2. Thumbs up 3. Saluted ㅜㅜ [cr: @Theirmelody]
  • Ppl were asking why fans were not leaving – because oppa hasn’t left yet ㅋㅋ [cr: @god6854]
  • Ppl saying yunho is rly handsome and better in person ww and his fanservice too was great today~

  • Yunho was rly cute as he sat there and the aunties surrounding him and his face turned red [cr: @nassinagil]
  • U-Know Yunho is trending 8th now

    [cr: @ryuda_t]
  • apparently there will be a broadcast of yunho’s concert on KBS on June 20.. (will tweet again if there’s a confirmation)
  • today the girl who went on stage was 17 years old. when yunho debuted, she was only 4! (oppa forever oppa ww) [cr: @madmong0212]
  • she said she needs to quickly work part-time so she can attend yunho’s concert [cr: j_7r_hyy]
  • her heart rly felt like it almost stopped & e pic doesn’t do justice to yunho ww [cr: wearet2]



Translated by @joeylfy:


  • Y: About me as the Elite Soldier, I was complimented with really good words. I truly appreciates it.
    Y: (cont) About push-ups, it wasn’t 70x, I’ve achieved 90x. Yes (laugh)
    [cr: Fancam by @2618yhcm, in JP via @kyoumo0206 ]





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