[Instagram] 160604 Corporal Jung Yunho Gets a Kiss from a Little Angel~





Previously before today, we are going to meet umma (mum)’s friend~
mum’s friend is now like descendants of the sun’s captain yoo si jin

(I had) explained it like that and (we) went to the meeting.
“Uncle was originally a superstar. Now he is a Special Class Soldier”
saying proudly that (he) is a Special Class Soldier, superstar uncle, (but she – the daughter) is now 4 years old🙊
#health is the best corporal jung




This lady is the wife of Yunho’s volleyball athlete friend (Part of his 85 club friends), whom Yunho attended their wedding

[cr: via @snxy and @u_min206]





Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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