[Non-Fanacc] 170326 Changmin was Seen Visiting Yunho at the 26 Division Camp in Yangju~

It seems that Changmin went to Yangju and visited Yunho at his division camp \(*^ w ^*)/!!!


OP went to visit his/her older brother at 26th division today and saw Changmin with Yunho!! Said both kept talking and Continue reading

[Instagram] 170312 A Successful Fan Got to have Selcas with the Nice Hyung Changmin~

a successful fan who was out when he encountered Changmin!!


successful fan😅😅 really really Continue reading

[Trans] 170309 Due to TVXQ’s Absence due to Military Service, SM’s Results Faces a Decline… Operating Profit 43.15% ↓

Due to TVXQ’s absence due to military service, SM’s results facing a decline…operating profit 43.15% ↓

Due to the artistes in the agency that are in the midst of fulfilling their military service, KOSDAQ (Korean stock exchange) -listed entertainment company, SM’s results have faced a decline. Continue reading

[PIC] 170308 Yunho’s Autograph at Hyoja Bakery Store Near the Seoul Police Agency~

Hyoja bakery, a famous Seoul bakery (near Tongin Market and Seoul Police Agency) updated their instagram with Yunho’s autograph apparently from his visit today! The same bakery which Changmin seems to visit often and had left his autographs there too~


Continue reading

[Fanacc] 170301 Update on Yunho’s Injury: a Swelling but thankfully not a Fracture; Other stories~

These are accounts from fans’ acquaintances in the army about Yunho!

Regarding his injury,


Fan’s dongsaeng is in the same division as Yunho and was out on break so fan asked him about Yunho’s condition:
The injury (he injured his rib area) does not seem serious and it’s not on Continue reading

[PIC/Non-fanacc] 170219 On Seeing Yunho Singing in the Choir in Church Last Sunday

Image may contain: 10 people

Image may contain: 11 people

OP posted this last Sunday (2/19) – abridged translation:

After a long while, she finally saw Yunho in church singing in the choir again and as it was good to see him, she took pictures of him from afar. As a big hallyu star who is popular beyond korea, Continue reading

[Non-fanacc] 170224 Yunho may have Hurt his Ribs, yet Still Wishes to Partake in the Upcoming March

We hope the reported Yunho’s injury is not serious, as these marches can be physically demanding >_<!!

Let’s all pray for a safe service for our boys in what time they have left~



a mother wrote to her son who is in the army-
Hyung hurt his toe and went to the medical corps but Continue reading