[Non-fanacc] 180126 Cute Story of Yunho as a Squad Leader Back in the Army~

An cute account of Yunho in the army:

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[Fanacc] 171026 On Hardworking Changmin Practising Guitar and Piano During Enlistment~

Our hardworking boy investing time during enlistment to work on his musical skills ;;


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[News-Soompi] 171024 TVXQ To Appear On “Let’s Eat Dinner Together,” Yunho Reveals Which SM Artists Visited Him Often In The Military

TVXQ To Appear On “Let’s Eat Dinner Together,” Yunho Reveals Which SM Artists Visited Him Often In The Military

This week’s episode of JTBC’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” features TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin, who have resumed activities as TVXQ after completing their mandatory military service earlier this year. On the show, Continue reading

[Non-Fanacc] 171014 Changmin Praised by People who Served in Same Police Station and Army with him


This comment was left under the naver video of JTBC’s Knowing Bros preview of Changmin at today’s TVXQ episode which will be broadcast soon at 08:50 PM (stream links at the end of this post).

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[Non-Fanacc] 171011 On Yunho Helping with Birthday Cake of a Student who Played with his Army Band



I stay in the area where the army band {t/n: doesn’t mean it is yunho’s army band} is located & our school’s band also plays with them. Sometimes, celebrities will come and I got to see Yunho, Shindong, Lee Jang-woo such soul (i.e: seoul) stars and in a year, even got to perform with Yunho up to 4 times. He really Continue reading

[Trans] 171004 ‘Happy Together 3’ TVXQ! U-Know Yunho, “had a Request to Become a Professional Soldier”



The special Chuseok feature that would be aired on the 5th of October on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3’, would consist of “HaToDong-The return of the legend” and ‘The Legendary Jo Dongrim- Sing My Song: 2nd edition of the Legend Continue reading

[PIC] 170927 Different People Spotted TVXQ! Filming “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” at Yangju!

Looks like the filming took place at Yangju! They seem to have matching clothes style for the filming but with opposite colours down to the shoes haha~

We could probably expect Yunho to show them around since it’s the city at which he served ^ ^*


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