[Trans] 160615 Changmin was Mentioned in a News Article on SM Maknaes as the “Strongest Maknae”


Although it is true that in a group made up of two people, the division of leader and maknae is vague, from the start of debut, Choikang Changmin has debuted as the “strongest maknae”, which showed off his unequalled influence in the group. In particular, his look on stage, which even with his extremely proudly charismatic leader, U-Know Yunho, who is also his hyung by 2 years; does not lose out; and along with his chic manner of talking, they have attracted attention. As of now, it would have 13 years since his debut, and as a main idol with his 30th year looming, along with many juniors under him, he is one of the members who to refer to him a maknae, would be shameful.






Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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