[PIC/Fancam/Fanacc] 160615 Corporal Yunho’s Performance with TVXQ Dancers for the Air Force Concert at Gunsan Arts Center


Yunho performed at the Air Force concert at Gunsan Arts Center both of TVXQ’s Why? (T1ST0RY version) and Mirotic with TVXQ Dancers!!




[cr: @W_crown26218]



[cr: @janedoeslave]



[cr: @2for1T]



[cr: @_REDxT]



[cr: @ychm2]



[cr: @murasakiline]


[cr: @onlytworld]







[cr: HeeYun hojub]



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[cr: @2for1T]




[cr: @onlytworld]






[cr: _yangyang_2]






via/ Translated by @snxy:


  • Appears to be the equipment list for Gunsan – says wireless headset 1 (for Yunho); flashy dance music lighting..

    [cr: @janedoeslave]
  • Yunho’s rehearsing WHY & Mirotic [cr: @happyflower0206]
  • Can’t watch Yunho’s rehearsal but u can hear the WHY melody [cr: @Yunhosgem]
  • Inside the Gunsan venue [cr: @_REDxT]
  • Wow the stage lighting in the Gunsan venue looks awesome [cr: @YHCM0618_WITHU]
  • Hyoje had replied someone on his instg that he was currently on the way to Gunsan. hyoje had earlier posted a pic of himself in the rehearsal room

    [cr: Hyoje’s Instagram (choihyoje) via @0206yhken]
  • The cheers for Yunho are so loud *_*
  • 헐 you can hear changmin’s WHY intro “you know what time it is”
  • Yunho sudd came out w/o warning right in frt of fan; oppa was e bestㅜ he thanked n greeted fans even had eye contact [cr: @YHCM0618_WITHU]
  • There was a junior high sch student with her hand outstretched and Yunho shook itㅜㅜㅜㅜ oppa’s the bestㅜㅜ rly daebak  [cr: @YHCM0618_WITHU]
  • Yunho was sexy, cool and cute. As he was performing alone, he did his best ㅜㅜ [cr: @onlytworld]
  • OP is a non-fan who didn’t know yunho would be appearing at the gunsan concert ww [cr: @eoddid0421]
  • If Yunho lifted his right hand, audience claps; left, cheer. if both ~ [cr: @_REDxT]
  • looks like Yunho is wearing.. a camouflage shirt inside his band uniform? ww [cr: @_REDxT]







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please note that some of these source do not accept sharing but from only-TVXQ fans. No ex-members fans, so please respect their wishes.
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