[Non-fanacc] 160617 A Worker Wrote about Yunho’s Visits to the Movie Theater with his Non-Celebrity Friends~



English Summary:


OP’s seen Yunho at the movies a few times when she was working there. Yunho would always come with the same 6-7 non celeb guy friends to the movies (with chinese sasaengs following him). He would order a LOT of food before the movie with his friends and when it comes time to pay for the food, he would smile and hold out 6-7 credit cards and ask OP to pick one (seems like a game he plays). His never got chosen when OP was working there, because Yunho would always be a bit nervous when he holds out the cards, and then he’d put on this smile and thank her and pay with the card that OP chose.

Yunho pays himself for the actual movie though and he was buying just regular tickets, and OP felt bad about the sasaengs following him so she asked “would you like the gold class suite box? It’s more expensive though,” And explained that they were in a private theatre and YH would be more comfortable there. A lot of celeb have these star cards and use those places for free. But yunho said “gold.. what is it? I don’t know what that is,” very timidly. In the end OP convinced him to use the private theatre. OP asked when it was time to pay whether yh collects points and he said no. But total came to a bit over $200 and when he saw that, he grabbed one of his friends and told him to punch in any of his family’s numbers so they can get the points instead.
Yunho was one of the top 3 most adorable celebs that OP’s ever seen. He’s also every genuine and not fake at all. Seems to OP like yunho is very genuine and innocent.



Additional Translations:

  • She convinced him to use the gold suite (because it’s sold out after YH), the sasaengs didn’t manage to follow.
  • and the last movie that he watched was Captain America: Civil War it seems.
  • On the sasaeng account, the Chinese sasaeng bought tickets to watch the same show but normal halls (the part-timer was puzzled how did they found out the movie that Yunho was going to watch so quickly). But they went into the hall and don’t see Yunho so they came back out and tried to ask for tickets for the gold suite. So the part-timer told them it’s not possible because it’s full, but they said they are willing to pay any amount for the ticket, but of course, the part timer said no too.




English Summary by @janieTVXQ,
Additional Translations are by @joeylfy (based on KR-JP Translations by @ymamylim: 1, 2 and 3),
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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