[Instagram] 170818 A Selca With Changmin!! +(another from 170722) #WelcomeBackChangmin



Changminnie hyung, it has been fun ~

[cr: Translated by @snxy]


OP has shared a selca before with Changmin on 170722:



pic came out not so great cus of the bad weather. #Changmin hyung is the nicest guy in the world

[cr: Translated by @amaiming]





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[Non-Fanacc] 170719 Old Spotting of Off-Duty Changmin with Police Unit at Beautiful Cafe Near the Agency

The time of this account is unclear, so this is us totally speculating: it seems to be from when Donghae was enlisted and probably early-mid 2016. The coffee they went to resembles “아름다운커피” or “Beautiful Coffee”, and seems to Continue reading

[Non-fanacc] 170709 On Changmin Greeting and Paying When Yunho Invited Army Mates at SMT Seoul for a Meal~

This is another story form one of the army mates whom Yunho treated for a meal at SMT Seoul Restaurant ( on the previous post earliest photos were from 170106, but you can say the exact date unconfirmed). It seems that Changmin not only dropped by, but also helped paying for the meal ^^


Title: My dongsaeng served in the army together with U-Know Yunho

The person seems really okay. As you know there is a lot of people who Continue reading

[PIC/Fanacc] 170707 A Fan Visiting Different Restaurants that have Yunho’s Autographs~

A Japanese fan who seems to be in Seoul for the SMTown concert visited the Hongdae ramen shop and Ohjangdong Hamhung cold noodles which both Yunho went to~


The Hongdae ramen shop (160806):

The ramen shop that Yunho ate at Hongdae, he ate spicy ramen and drove there in his own car. The owner even hugged the fan ww

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[Fancam/Fanacc] 170702 Yunho and Changmin at Jihye’s Wedding in Gwangju via a Fan’s Acquaintance (161105)

This is from Yunho’s sister Jihye’s wedding in Gwangju (161105), where Changmin took a train to Gwangju to attend. A fan’s muggle acquaintance attended the wedding and took the video through a hp (hence the LQ).

You can see at the beginning Yunho’s parents (mum then dad) patting Changmin on the back and ushering him to join Yunho~ ^^


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[Non-fanacc] 170617 Off-duty Changmin, Donghae and Siwon Spotted Enjoying Some Ice cream~



OP saw changmin, siwon and donghae Continue reading