[Instagram] 181006 Kyuhyun Shared an Old Photo with Changmin and Siwon when they Attended his Solo Concert Back on 161029

Back on 161029, Changmin and Siwon attended Kyuhyun’s solo concert “Reminiscence of a Novelist” during their break.

Kyuhyun shared a photo with them from then, thanking them, and Changmin both liked and left a comment ^^



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[Non-Fanacc] 180810 About TVXQ Meeting at Yunho’s Army Gathering at SMT Seoul, and Changmin Paying for their Meal~ (170106)

One of Yunho’s army unit members mentioned in his radio broadcast the story about when Yunho took them out for a meal at SMT Seoul Restaurant, meeting Changmin there (back in 170106, more about it here and here), and sharing a sweet story about Changmin taking care of them as well as Yunho.

Changmin was said previously to have contributed to the meal’s expensive bill, but according to the soldier it looks like he paid it full when he left early ^^
Later in a clarifying post to a fan, he talked about the two members chatting, and after Changmin left, about how Yunho took care of them and treated them to another place!


[cr: photo Facebook via @snxy]


Post by a fan who listen to his radio broadcast:



Omg when Yunho was in the army, he took 26 of his army bandmates and went to SM restaurant and each ate $140. Changmin ate with them because he was

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[Instagram] 170818 A Selca With Changmin!! +(another from 170722) #WelcomeBackChangmin




Changminnie hyung, it has been fun ~

[cr: Translated by @snxy]


OP has shared a selca before with Changmin on 170722:




pic came out not so great cus of the bad weather. #Changmin hyung is the nicest guy in the world

[cr: Translated by @amaiming]





11storys: here and here,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[Non-Fanacc] 170719 Old Spotting of Off-Duty Changmin with Police Unit at Beautiful Cafe Near the Agency

The time of this account is unclear, so this is us totally speculating: it seems to be from when Donghae was enlisted and probably early-mid 2016. The coffee they went to resembles “아름다운커피” or “Beautiful Coffee”, and seems to Continue reading

[Non-fanacc] 170709 On Changmin Greeting and Paying When Yunho Invited Army Mates at SMT Seoul for a Meal~

This is another story form one of the army mates whom Yunho treated for a meal at SMT Seoul Restaurant ( on the previous post earliest photos were from 170106, but you can say the exact date unconfirmed). It seems that Changmin not only dropped by, but also helped paying for the meal ^^


Title: My dongsaeng served in the army together with U-Know Yunho

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