[Compilation] 161216 Yunho Emceed and Performed at the 2016 Bulmuri Army Band End-of-Year Concert

Yunho co-emceed at the 2016 Bulmuri Army Band End-of-Year concert, earning praises from his co-emcee who reported that Yunho wrote the ment himself! He also performed Why? and Mirotic, and covered with bulmuri JYP’s Honey and Psy’a NAPAL BAJI~




The MC for the 26th division’s end of year concert- said people described Yunho as the icon of sincerity and exemplary army life


[cr: pinkvoice via @0206yhken, translated by @snxy]





[cr: @tvxqhimawari26]



[cr: daaaan_31: 1 and 2]








[cr: Mera]



Honey’s rehearsal uploaded on naver: here, and ‘s rehearsal: here


[cr: pinkvoice: here and here, via @snxy]






Translated by @snxy:

  • From the blog of the MC for the 26th division’s end of year concert:

Whenever I speak with army-related personnel, (Yunho is) widely-known as the “icon of sincerity”, “exemplary army life”~ after receiving the outlines of the event scenario, I had sent it back after revising (and) it turned out that (Yunho) had personally written the ment as well?!! WOW
separately, he frequently checked on the singers that he had invited, during the sound rehearsal, did the mic checking, the flow of the dance team, even the 2 MCs. Not even for a moment did he rest or show any feelings of pain, nor did he even complain even once. With an exemplary attitude, he even skipped dinner and until the end, while watching him, I kept thinking “as expected, not everyone can become a star”

[cr: pinkvoice: here]



Translated by @mystaryunho:

  • yunho greeted fans waiting for him outside the concert venue-talked to them for a long while abt what he performed at the 26th division end-of-the-year event yesterday-civilians weren’t allowed in [cr: @ekwjdekwjd0206]




As we’ve indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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