[PIC] 170902 Yunho with his 26th Division Army Band Mates in Seoul for their Band Master’s Wedding~

It seems like Yunho earlier today attended his army band master’s wedding ^^~


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[Compilation] 161216 Yunho Emceed and Performed at the 2016 Bulmuri Army Band End-of-Year Concert

Yunho co-emceed at the 2016 Bulmuri Army Band End-of-Year concert, earning praises from his co-emcee who reported that Yunho wrote the ment himself! He also performed Why? and Mirotic, and covered with bulmuri JYP’s Honey and Psy’a NAPAL BAJI~




The MC for the 26th division’s end of year concert- said people described Yunho as the icon of sincerity and exemplary army life

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