[Twitter] 161217 Yunho visited his Friend’s, Comedian Kim Wonhyo, Restaurant on his Leave~

Yunho visited comedian couple Kim Wonhyo and Shim Jinhwa’s restaurant on his first day of leave! Kim Wonhyo is also part of Yunho’s 85 club friends ^^*




and posted on his instagram (wonhyo0925) here:


Yunho at Manyeo Kimbab First day on break. Kim Wonhyo said he was nice, good-looking and cool [cr: Translated by @snxy]

Another photo:

[cr: via @kgk_ps]


The comedian’s post caught the attention of the korean press, Dispatch posted on Yunho: still as cool even as soldier, and hashtagged him as #최종보스 “the final boss” [cr: Dispatch, Translated by @snxy]






Kim Wonhyo’s twitter (@wonhyokim) and as we indicated above,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express



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