[VID/Trans] 170829 TVXQ’s Interview for Star Talk Preview on Hong Kong J2 Entertainment News

The full interview to air on Sept 2nd!!


Click  here for the video!



  • Changmin: when eating hotpot, usually you would order meat and other things plate by plate, right? I think I’ve eaten 11 plates of meat by myself before. (In response to host) Yes, I usually eat like that.

  • Yunho: for Changmin, I’d choose the eyes. He has a pair of eyes that.. resemble a deer’s a little.
    Changmin: for Yunho hyung, I’d choose, his small {t/n: written as palm-sized in the Chinese subs} face which won’t lose to anyone. Especially after we have eaten together at night, when he wakes up, even if it is swollen, it’s not that obvious.

  • Changmin: Siwon would usually from time to time ask me, ‘would you choose me or Yunho hyung?’ He would ask me this everyday. I would also not say the words that I would choose Siwon hyung. Because of that, Siwon would often get angry with me.




Chicovely0212: here or here,
Translated by @snxy: 1, 2, and 3,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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