[Highlights] 170830 Tohoshinki were Mentioned in Mainichi News on the Kpop Influence in Japan and Economic Effect



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[Highlight] 170830 SM’s Stock Prices Expected to Increase by 50% with TVXQ’s Upcoming Dome Tour and Others’ Activities


▲그룹 동방신기 멤버 유노윤호(오른쪽)와 최강창민이 21일 서울 신라호텔 영빈관에서 열린 '동방신기 아시아 프레스 투어' 기자회견에서 포토타임을 갖고 있다.(뉴시스)

SM’s stock prices expected to increase by 50% with TVXQ’s dome tour etc (including exo, shinee, sj activities) starting

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[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 170829 Notice: TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – (Tickets and Entry Instructions)



TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – 예매 페이지 가기!
▶ http://ticket.yes24.com/Pages/Perf/Detail/DetailSpecial.aspx?IdPerf=27828


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