[Instagram] 170925 MV Director of #U_Know Yunho’s #Drop Rima Yoon Writes about the MV~

Please make sure to thank them for their hard work to produce this awesome MV ^^!

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리전드필름이 SMP라는 걸 해보았습니다 – U-know _ DROP MV Director. Rigendfilm PD. 신재용 AD. 문윤채 유재형 D.O.P. 윤인모 Gaffer. 박준희 Art. 신귀옥 Jimmygib. 이동진 Focus puller. 김주승 DI. 루시드컬러 헬리캠. 모비웍스 EDIT. Rigendfilm 2D. Rigendfilm / Moswantd – – 기획 당시 단체 군무가 압도적인 곡이라 군무를 중점적으로 살려주되 내러티브를 넣고 싶었음. 오시리스 신화에서 비쥬얼 요소를 가져왔고 얼반하게 해석해서 SHOW파트와 의상 및 아트적인 부분에 녹여보았음. 막 사비 전까지 모든 후렴구는 카메라 앵글이 대부분 정각으로 무빙이 적은데 화려한 스윙 무빙이 오히려 30명 댄서와 유노윤호씨가 꽉 채우는 에너지를 해칠거 같아서 였음. 사실 앵글부터 조명 그리고 아트까지 일일이 요소를 설명하려면 인스타 탐라에 대장경을 읊을 지경. 아티스트와 댄서분들 뿐 아니라 연출 촬영 조명 아트 모든 스태프들이 척추 휘어져가며 빡세게 진행한 프로젝트. 고생하신만큼 저희가 최대한 열심히 마무리해보았습니다! 다들 정말 고생 많으셨습니다! #SM #rigendfilm #리전드필름 #유노윤호 #솔로 #mv #uknow #drop #tvxq

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The plan at the time was that since the song was one where the group choreography was dominant, we wanted the group choreography would be the emphasis of the narrative. The visual motif from the myth of Osiris {t/n: Egyptian god of the underworld} was interpreted in an urban way, and mixed in with the SHOW part, the outfits and the artistic parts. Right before the last choruses, most of the camera angles for all the choruses had been sharp with small movements but for the flashy swing moves with 30 dancers and U-Know Yunho, it would have ruined the energy that they were filled with. Actually, from the angles, the lighting and the art, if I were to explain the aspects one-by-one, it would be like explaining a collection of Buddhist scriptures onto Instagram. This was a project that not just the artiste and dancers, but all the staff who worked on the shoot, lighting and art have bent over backwards working very hard on. As much as it was a tough time working on it, we have done our best to finish this. Everyone has really worked hard!




Rima Yoon (MV Director with @legendjang)’s Instagram (rimayoon_sr): here,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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