[Trans] 170925 U-Know Yunho, The Return of the Performance King we have Waited for


U-Know Yunho, The return of the performance king we have waited for

The performance king has returned.

-details of his MV’s release omitted-

Drop was announced as SM STATION Season 2’s 26th song. Before TVXQ’s regular album activities start, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin would release solo tracks with U-Know Yunho’s coming out first. The song was written by SM’s representative producer, Yoo Young Jin, and is a SMP (SM MUSIC PERFORMANCE) song. It is about warnings to those that are living in a reality that is injust and distorted, to break away from the dark times and aspire for a brighter future. Like how the explanation behind the song is, from the start of the music video as well, there is a grand feeling presented. In order to show U-Know Yunho’s performance fully; like a musical person who has been born*, the U-Know Yunho in the music video appears with an appearance that is best suited for a ‘king’. He and the tens of dancers who match his flow also heighten that kind of atmosphere. With not just his outstanding visuals, U-Know Yunho’s strength in performance skill is displayed fully. Not just in the group choreography at the chorus but including the dance break segment, one can feel his masculine beauty and charisma from even just one of his movements. Although it was like that at the time his return was made known through this song at the SMTOWN live concert last July, as worthy of being called the heir of the authentic SMP, he was able to 100% deliver the song of such a genre. With Drop signalling the start of TVXQ’s regular activities, it has caused our hearts to race. Following the intense performance by the outstanding U-Know Yunho in Drop, in 3 days, it would be a song of a completely different atmosphere with Choikang Changmin’s 여정 (Journey, In A Different Life). With the emphasis on performance by U-Know Yunho and vocals by Choikang Changmin, their respective solo tracks is expected to give fans enjoyment through their complete opposite charms.




한국일보 via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express



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