[Trans] 170927 Billboard US: TVXQ, Pulling K-POP’s Growth all Over the World.. Indomitable Team



Famous American magazine, Billboard, through their homepage on the 26th, had an article entitled, “TVXQ’s Yunho Marks Return to K-Pop with Drop”; attracting attention by introducing U-Know Yunho’s “Drop” with “in the music video, U-Know Yunho expressed his superiority as a K-pop leader”.

On TVXQ, it added, “amongst the most famous 2000s, TVXQ has pulled the growth of K-Pop around the world, and until now, their indomitable popularity is demonstrated, casting the spotlight on the TVXQ week being held this week.





OSEN via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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