[Compilation] 180730 Tohoshinki for SMTOWN LIVE 2018 IN OSAKA Kyocera Dome Day 3 #東方神起 #Road

SMTOWN LIVE 2018 IN OSAKA Kyocera Dome third and last day started at 17:01 and ended 21:49 (JST) [cr: @anywhere4you], with Tohoshinki appearing in the last third. The attendants were provided with a light wrist that is controlled by the staff to illuminate based on each group’s colour and for other light effects during some performances.

There were many interactions of our boys with their label mates~ ^^! Changmin’s group hug with minho, siwon and xiumin, Yunho flexing his arms to the camera with siwon, Yesung, and Chanyeol, and at the end greeting SHINee before leaving the stage~


TVXQ’s set list was the same as the second day (missing somebody to love)

TVXQ! Songs Set List:

1. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
2. Catch Me -If you wanna-
3. Road
4. We Are!

5. 운명 The Chance of Love
6. Hope (with SMTOWN)




[cr: 李珍基的小粗腿]



[cr: @moteco26]


[cr: @torstai1]


Yunho with Red Velvet’s Yeri and NCT’s Jaehyun at the moving car

[cr: @W_crown26218]



[cr: @xiuxiu_boy]


[cr: @labenjamine]


Changmin with Minho, Siwon and Xiumin’s group hug


[cr: @Snowtale_326]


Yunho with SHINee before leaving the stage


[cr: @nontem0516]


Changmin’s back~

[cr: @MonAmiChen]


venue lighting red with the smtown wrist lights~

[cr: @dienslt]





  • TVXQ’s VCR – WHY and Catch Me
  • The chance of Love


[cr: jerrysmile]


  • We are: Changmin


[cr: @dienslt]




  • Hope: (not in focus) Changmin’s high note and Yunho’s “Yo Yo Yo Yo Changmin!”~
    + Changmin at the ending with Minho~


[cr: @kin_718]



  • Hope: Yunho and NCT’s Taeyong and Donghae

[cr: @mmmmouton]



  • Hope: Yunho with NCT’s Jaehyun and Red Velvet’s Yeri

[cr: @banana_fishxx]




  • Hope: Changmin walking while hugging Minho, Xiumin joining them then Siwon~


[cr: @MR_XIUMIN]



  • Ending: Changmin beside Minho, then Yunho speaking through the video and appearing at the end~

[cr: @hellokeynet]


  • Ending: Yunho with SHINee


[cr: @lovepower119]



  • Ending: Yunho with Chanyeol, Yesung and Siwon

[cr: here via @tvxqcavely]


  • Ending: Siwon pulling Yunho to the centre and Changmin’s side

[cr: @onewfigure]





Translated by by @MM7608:

  • •.• MY partner
    ㅎㅅㅎ This is partner Changmin



Translated by @clefaire:

  • Changmin: we are continuing to the next song…
    Venue: ehhh!
    Changmin: you guys really need to catch your shinkansen, don’t you? The concert started later than yesterday, we pushed the time as well, you need to go back home.
    Yunho: mmhm. [cr: @panee0202]
  • Yunho: speaking of Osaka, it’s hot, isn’t it? A city of passion.
    Changmin: yes. The weather was bad recently, but today’s is nice and blessed. The SM family feels so happy. Thank you. [cr: @panee0202]


Translated by @mredwardsanders:

  • At the end, when SHINee lines up to HOPE, Yunho beckoned the camera man to come and pointed at/gestured towards SHINee again and again saying, “[take] SHINee, SHINee” [cr: @miHanho618]
  • At the end,
    Yunho said, “It’s SHINee!”
    Minho was like
    ( ㅍ_ㅍ )”Uwah! Senpai!!”
    Then Yunho hugged them one by one and told them said something along the lines of “You worked hard” 😭😭😭😭 最後に[cr: @S5ojkmt_14W]
  • W/o leaving the stage at the end, Yunho welcomed SHINee with a huge smile on his face saying “SHINee!! [You’re] great!” and hugged them. Then he drew the attention of the camera and after he saw that SHINee was together, he put his right hand out swiftly and left the stage smartly (discreetly) [cr: @yun_my_treasure]





as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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