[Partial Trans] TVXQ! for Korean Magazine “MAPS” – Jan Issue 2019 (Released 181219)





Q: what would you like to do most if you went back in time?

CM: I honestly don’t want to go back to any point in time. I am very satisfied and happy right now. If I really had to choose, I think about what it would be like if I went back to being a normal student and not a singer. But this is more of a curiosity about something over never experienced, and I don’t actually want to go back in time (laughs).

YH: I’m similar. I’m a very future oriented person so I don’t tend to regret any big decisions. Even still, I’m very happy to be on stage each time and it feels new each time. To be on stage for us is for us to make our marks, and they will become the past too, so I have to goal of always making good memories and good stages. Our hard work resulted in good pasts, and through the past, I’d like to make an even better future.


[cr: Photo by @BambitoRjn, Translated by @janieTVXQ]




MAPS CONTRIBUTORS commentary (as we shared previously)

“15 Years. Already. The boys were becoming more ‘boys’. More distinguished boys. I have realized after a conversation that they each had a very different fantasy of their own, even after being together for this long. Changmin had an inner fantasy, Yoonho had an external fantasy. We wanted to capture their both internal/external fantasies through out eyes. No regrets whatsoever, only going forward were their set of mind. Their eyes were humble and loving towards life, and I can not wait to see what to come along their way.”

[cr: photo by @UltraTVXQ]



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