[Non-Fanacc] 190217 An Anonymous Post Praising the Nice High School Student Changmin~ #HappyMaxDay #HappyBirthdayChangmin



An anonymous comment about Changmin on the net:

“I’d been friends with him in high school. He performed so well he would stay at the 5th place or higher in class. He was really nice and cried easily, so I was amazed at how he could make it through the cruel idol industry. Changmin was even better at sports than students preparing for athletic shools. He ate freakin a lot yet was very slender. He was also good at basketball. I thought of getting in touch with him again when TVXQ is in decline, but I see they are continuously successful. Therefore, I won’t. And I also see his personality hasn’t changed. (But as far as I remember,) Changmin was tremendously extroverted and had hundreds of friends.”



Screenshot via @Loveya_TVXQ,
Translated by @aminotvxq,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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