[Trans] 190216 Tohoshinki Band Member Hatano Tetsuya in an Interview Sharing his Thoughts about Tohoshinki, Yunho and Changmin

Livedoor will be publishing a series of interviews with Toho band members following the Toho dancers interviews published back in 2018 September!

The first interview, published on 190216, features Toho band member drummer () Hatano Tetsuya!

Similarly, amongst the different questions they were asked about their career, they were asked about their thoughts of Tohoshinki members. Below is a translation of some relevant parts of the interview!







– What kind of person Tohoshinki are?

Yunho is exactly what we think he is. He is straightforward and is a passionate guy in our dressing room. “I will show Tohoshinki off this time too!” He leads our team.

I think Changmin is quiet and he doesn’t show his emotion much. Changmin may be in a “super hero position” but I don’t think Changmin really cares about the position. Perhaps Changmin is more strict with himself than Yunho. No means no to him. He doesn’t want to leave things half done. I think he is strong-minded (smile). If he is not satisfied himself during rehearsal, he practices hard so that he can be perfect in the following rehearsal session. I think he practices really hard to achieve his own goal without letting others know.



Translated by @beriko0214: here,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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