[VID] 180607 TVXQ! for the NEW STANDARD Jeju Air CM Making Film!






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[Trans] 180416 News Article on Yunho’s Skin Wash TVCF with Actor Kim Junghyun for UL·OS




  • Tho the ad shoot was the first time Yunho had met actor Kim Junghyun, without any awkwardness, they monitored, conversed, joked around together.. showing off their bro-chem
  • The ULOS skin wash ad is about how men usually dislike using products with a lot of foam when showering or slippery residue without feeling refreshed after rinsing. The bodywash is a microbubble & refreshing product which can be used for both face & body, unscented, free of parabens etc
    With those in mind, #Even a shower is engineered for men.” As Yunho tells Junghyun, “being engineered for men, it (the wash) goes off completely with just water.”

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[Highlight] 180305 Article on TVXQ’s Effect on JEJU air with the High Ticket Sales and Limited Goods Selling Out on First Day~


On the marketing effect of TVXQ on Jeju Air- even tho they only had Jpn-route in-flight limited goods, these were sold out on the first day of sales; sales of tickets also were high because people were booking Jeju Air in order to get their related goods. Continue reading