[DL] 180702 TVXQ!’s The 72-Hour EP 09 (XtvN TV Broadcast)


The show broadcast every week on Mon~Wed at 11 am on V LIVE & NAVER TV! Every Monday at 8 pm XtvN! (next week’s seems to be the last episode)



  • TVXQ!’s The 72-Hour EP 09 [ts; 3.82 Gb] : here (link expires 180709)


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[Eng Sub] 180702 [TVXQ!’s The 72-Hour] Ep.28

The “TVXQ!’s The 72-Hour” show, which has been broadcasting weekly Monday to Wednesday at 11AM KST, is on its last week ㅠㅠ!! luckily we got (at least) one more episode before we say goodbye > <

As per usual, please send the video many hearts through your v live account~


  • [TVXQ!’s The 72-Hour] Ep.28 : here. (English subs available)

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