[VID] 180416 MBC’s KR Celebrity News Reporting the Casting of Yunho for MBC’s New Variety Show “Dunia: Into a New World”






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[Highlights/TW] 180413 Yunho for MBC’s Upcoming Variety Show “Dunia: Into a new world”

Yunho for a new variety show reported by news as well as the show’s official twitter!


News Highlights:


Yunho to appear in an upcoming MBC variety prog “Dunia~ Into a New World” it’s a new prog by the PDs of “My Little Television” & is a collaboration between a TV station and a game developer makers of the popular MMORPG dinosaur-age game and with Dunia meaning earth in Swahili, there are parallels to the kind of new world Dunia is set in. While the exact concept is still unknown, Yunho’s appearance has been finalised.

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