[PIC] 180911 Yunho’s Stills from MBC’s “Dunia: Into a New World” EP 14 Preview



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[VID/DL] 180909 Yunho for MBC’s “Dunia: Into a New World” EP 13

The show broadcasts every week on Sunday at 6:45 PM KST!

You can watch previous full episodes subbed in English on Viki: here (but region-restricted, so see different website such as kshow)




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[Instagram] 180903 Yunho with Dunia’s Director Kwon Sungmin~


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[VID] 180830 Yunho at Group Dinner with Dunia’s Members and Staff

Yunho, in same clothes from SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”, seems to have attend a group dinner with Dunia’s members and staff~



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[Instagram] 180827 Old Photos of Yunho from Dunia’s Shooting at Saipan

Yunho at Saipan and Rota, Northern Mariana Islands, for Dunia’s shooting.


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[INFO/PIC] 180819 No MBC’s “Dunia: Into a New World” Broadcast Today and Next Week due to the 2018 Asian Games; Resumes on 2nd of September

Through a post on the programme’s sns, there will be no MBC’s “Dunia: Into a New World” broadcast today or next week due to the 2018 Asian Games. The programme will resume on 180902

meanwhile here are some new stills of Yunho!

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