[VID] 181101 Austin Kang Mentions a Story about Passion Mansoor Yunho During their Filming for Dunia

During his appearance on Happy Together season 4 on episode broadcast on 181101, Austin Kang talked about a funny story of our passion mansoor Yunho while they were filming for Dunia!

Happy Together will be available on English subs next week via KBS World TV YouTube channel^^

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[Yunho IG] 180923 Yunho Shares Photos from Dunia and Thanks Crew After the Broadcast of Last Episode + Liked by Changmin

Yunho updating from Japan about Dunia as the last episode of this season was broadcast! he thanks Dindin for helping him with some of the photos and he thanked the MBC crew for their hardwork~
Photos were liked by Changmin ^^


Yunho IG:

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[News-Soompi] 180922 “Dunia” Announces Details For Last Episode Of First Season


“Dunia” Announces Details For Last Episode Of First Season

“Dunia” Announces Details For Last Episode Of First Season

MBC’s “Dunia” will be wrapping up its first season.

On September 22, “Dunia: Into a New World” released an official announcement and stated, “The first season of ‘Dunia’ will be ending on September 23. We were planning to air a special episode on September 30 and have that be the last episode, but we have decided to end with 15 episodes on September 23 as originally planned.” Continue reading

[VID] 180922 Yunho’s Video Message at Kwon Hyunbin Fanmeeting in Bangkok, Thailand

Yunho’s video message played at Kwon Hyunbin (from Dunia) fanmeeting in Thailand, it seems it was filmed before TVXQ’s Thailand concert





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