[LINE/Ranking] 171212 They’re Back!! NEW #TVXQ! Stickers has Arrived on LINE!! #U_Know #MAX

A total of 40 brand new stickers > w <!!

STICKER Name: TVXQ! Special 2

STICKER Price: 100 Coins (1.99$)

  • No Expiration Date

Available in

STICKER Description: They’re back—two attractive guys, U-Know and MAX! Decorate your chat with this second sticker set from TVXQ!


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[INFO] 150618 TVXQ! LINE Special Sticker Release Event! (06/18~06/24)

Download TVXQ! LINE now to participate in the event!


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TVXQ! Special Sticker Release Event:

Period: until 06/24
Prizes: 10 personally autographed notebooks, L-holder, 20 pieces of fan sets.
Winner announcement: 07/01 (will be notified)


TIP: Even if you’ve already downloaded the TVXQ line stickers, a tip is to use it as often as possible to raise your chances! (cr:



Event Info via @TIMESLIP2
Tip by @UltraTVXQ
Translated by @snxy : 1 & 2
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[LINE/Ranking] 150611 Check out TVXQ! NEW Stickers First Time on LINE!!


STICKER Price: 100 Coins – No Expiration Date,  texts available in Korean, Japanese and English! EDIT: also in Chinese and Thai

STICKER Description: Charismatic man U-Know and playful boy MAX show us their hidden charms! Get to know the wonderful guys TVXQ! with these stickers! 




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