[PIC] 170716 DORIANS’ Tsutsumi may have Filmed Recent Video Back in 170421 when he Visited SM

We don’t think we have reported this before, so here it is! Right after Yunho’s discharge, on the 21st, a fan spotted DORIANS’ Tsutsumi in Korea, at SM Communication Center! Now it seems he not just greeted Yunho, but also probably filmed with him the How to TOHOSHINKI episode we’ve just posted, because Yunho was spotted at SM headquarter wearing same sweater that day, too ^^.
(Also, Yunho seems to have filmed his greeting to Bigeast on the same day since same sweater~)


Fanaccount posted on 170421:

Fan reported seeing Dorian at SM CC! (Tho she didn’t see Yunho)

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[PIC/Fanacc] 170608 Yunho was Also Spotted at SUM Cafe Today Buying Drinks~



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[Fanacc] 170608 Off-duty Changmin was Spotted Earlier at SUM Cafe Today with SMJapan President~


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[PIC/Fancam] 170415 On Leave Yunho Invited his Army Band Members at SUM Cafe~

Yunho who seems to be on his last leave, was spotted alone at first at SUM Cafe in SM Communication Center. Then later escorting his army band members~

He was seen paying at the cashier, so they have probably used the pink room there (may cost over ₩300,000 [cr: @makimarix, Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2])





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