[INFO] 160906 Tomorrow’s Previews will be: One More Thing + Chandelier -Two of Us ver.- (Release on 161005)

More previews of Tohoshinki’s upcoming remix album 「Two of Us」  are coming~

So far it’s been:

Tomorrow we will have One More Thing -Two of Us ver.- and Chandelier -Two of Us ver.- at 1pm and 9pm, respectively.

Here are the YouTube links, you can listen to them once they become public
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[INFO] 141211 Selected Tohoshinki MVs and Live Performances to be Broadcast on Yunika Vision in Shinjuku

Selected 東方神起 MV to be shown on Yunika Vision (outside Shinjuku St.) from 15-25 Dec for about 32 mins each session. They are as follows:

1, I love you (LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE Documentary Film)
2, Disvelocity (from「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE」 Blu-ray)
3, Breeding Poison (from「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE」 Blu-ray)
4, SURI SURI [Spellbound] (from「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE」 Blu-ray)
5, Time Works Wonders (MV)
6, Spinning (MV)
7, Chandelier (MV)
All will be in full versions




Yunika Vision,
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[VID/Lyrics] 141121 GyaO! – Tohoshinki Chandelier PV (Short Ver.)

(our dailymotion link was deleted :/)


EDIT: Video has been made private because the Official Preview has just been released by Avex on Youtube:

Please watch it there, like, comment and cheer on Tohoshinki ;D

Eng Translated Lyrics:


At dusk in the city, one by one window lights are turning on just like stars do.
Under these lights, individual smiles and tears, people live their stories
Your days, you hurry home with your friend
Sunset, when you see your home, the window lights symbolize your family

Some day, until I return (the person who) will be waiting for me
I believe it is you

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[INFo/Trans] 141119 From 25 Nov onward, “Illumination with Red” in Diver City Tokyo to Continue using Tohoshinki’s New Song『Chandelier』

ILLUMINATION WITH RED which had started from 10/30 (Thursday), in collaboration with DiverCity, will become a new illumination show from November 25 (Tuesday).

The new illumination show is linked to the “WITH” record’s song “Chandelier”.

In addition, DiverCity’s 4F entertainment space will also be renewed from 11/25 (Tues), whereby costumes worn by Tohoshinki at the time of the Chandelier Continue reading

[INFO] 141104 Two Songs from 「WITH」 album has been decided as Tie-up for two TV shows !

Two Songs from Tohoshinki upcoming Japanese  Album「WITH」 are to be used as commercial tie-ups:

  • “Believe in U”
    December of ending theme for TBS TV “Hiruobi!”
  • “Chandelier”
    Ending theme for  TBS TV “Arita no yarashii”



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