[VID] 181111 Four of Tohoshinki’s Songs were Played at the 34th Annual East Japan Women’s Ekiden Broadcast

Four of Tohoshinki’s songs: “Reboot”, “Spinning”, “Refuse to Lose”, and “Rising Sun” were played in the background music at the 34th Annual East Japan Women’s Ekiden (long-distance relay race) TV broadcast!

Back in 2015 on the 31st’s event broadcast, three of Tohoshinki’s songs were played as well.



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[PIC] 150225 Preview of Tohoshinki Performing at Fuji TV’s “MUSIC FAIR” (broadcast on 150314)

Tohoshinki performed “SAKURAMICHI” and a dance number (most probably Spinning from the outfits) on the Japanese Music Show “MUSIC FAIR”. To be broadcast on March 14, at 18:00~18:30 JST

「MUSIC FAIR」出演時の東方神起。 (c)フジテレビ

「MUSIC FAIR」出演時の東方神起。 (c)フジテレビ

「MUSIC FAIR」出演時の東方神起。 (c)フジテレビ

「MUSIC FAIR」出演時の東方神起。 (c)フジテレビ

「MUSIC FAIR」出演時の東方神起とバックダンサー。 (c)フジテレビ



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[Fanacc] 150216 Tohoshinki’s recording for Music Japan (Broadcast on 3/2 & 3/9)

On 150216, Tohoshinki went to Music Japan recording at NHK hall. Venue opened at 06:00 pm, and the recording was at 07:00-9:30 pm (cr: @xx__0_0__xx)

and It is to be broadcast on 150302 at 12:10 am and 150309 at 12:36 am (cr: @snxy)

They performed both Spinning and Sakuramichi



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[Trans] 141217 MORA interview with Tohoshinki for “WITH” Album (Part.1)



Q: How did it go with recording this album?
CM: Especially Yunho was busy, weren’t you?
YH: I had a really tough schedule. In the midst of recoding the album, I was in filming of a drama, “Diary of Night Watchman). So we focused on recording some songs first.. then there was a break, and finally we focused on finishing up recording the rest. So the tone of my singing voice for the first time and the last time I did recording is somewhat different. I think that audiences will find the difference interesting.

Q: Which songs did you record first?
YH: CHANDELIER and .. we recorded up to the first chorus of REFUSE TO LOSE and we recorded the rest just recently. So you may find the tone of my voice different in one song.

Q: How about you, Changmin?
CM: I was taking it easy. Because when Yunho did filming of the drama, we have less work to do as a duo. Therefore, I was able to relax a little.

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[INFO] 141211 Selected Tohoshinki MVs and Live Performances to be Broadcast on Yunika Vision in Shinjuku

Selected 東方神起 MV to be shown on Yunika Vision (outside Shinjuku St.) from 15-25 Dec for about 32 mins each session. They are as follows:

1, I love you (LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE Documentary Film)
2, Disvelocity (from「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE」 Blu-ray)
3, Breeding Poison (from「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE」 Blu-ray)
4, SURI SURI [Spellbound] (from「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE」 Blu-ray)
5, Time Works Wonders (MV)
6, Spinning (MV)
7, Chandelier (MV)
All will be in full versions




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